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Welcome to Theme Parks U.S.A

This page has many pictures and descriptions of Theme Parks all over America even some pictures of the new park Islands of Adventure! So Enjoy!!

Welcome to this site,this is a website for the corparation Theme Parks U.S.A
We have a love for theme parks and especially for Roller coasters.We have no affiliation with any theme parks listed and some of these pictures may be from some official theme park websites and they also hold the copyright for these photos.I am deleting most of these pictures in August and replacing them with new ones photographed by T.P.U we have'nt had time to photograph for we were just started our bussiness and have'nt went on a tour of the parks as a group yet,so in august look for some good pictures in these areas...Islands of Adventure,Most all Disney parks,Busch gardens and soon to be added eastern six flags parks.Although most of us have been to west coast parks we at the time are taking our tour in the east coast since thats where we are located if you have any questions at all feel free to click the "Sumbit mail" button on the navigation bar.If your ISP does'nt support that feature please mail me at: