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Magic KingdomThe next attraction in Liberty Square is The Huanted Mansion.Where at the start of the queing line you'll be walking up to a replica of a 18th century Hudson River Valley Home.With a spooky graveyard in front with some funny sayings on the headstones.When the zombie like man opens the doors and greets you into the mansion you'll be directed into a room in which the ceiling starts to raise ( or does the ground start to fall? ) revealing some pictures of some guests that were'nt so lucky as the gorgoyle on the wall makes you relize that your in a room with no windows or doors you start to feel fear when he tells you that theres no way out! But then he says: But theres always my way! with a Villianous laugh the room goes black and with a flash of lightning and loud thunder, look up to see a hanging figure then the room is lighted again and no one is hanging from the ceiling and the wall is opened to the left where you'll board black carts which glide you through a spooky tour of the house!
The next section of the Magic Kingdom is Mickey's Toon Town Fair.Where you can visit Mickey's House,Minnie's House and Donald's Boat Which are all atractions that you can tour through.Another attraction at Mickey's Toon Town Fair is Goofy BarnStormer rollercoaster where you board crop dusting airplanes and zip your way through this 30second coaster through goofy's hen house!
he next section of the Magic Kingdom is FantasyLand Where the medevil stone and wooden frame buildings delight you as you wisk away on the fun house style rides that line the stripe of Fantasy Land!The First attraction is Cinderella's Golden Carrousel.Gallop around and around on one of 90 handmade wooden steeds, while listening to favorite Disney music, such as "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" and "When You Wish Upon a Star."The next attraction in FantasyLand and the most famous around the world is "It's a Small World" In this Slow paced boat ride you'll discover what children look like and what children do in diffrent parts of the world theres even dancing animals.This ride has more animatronic figures then any other Walt Disney World attraction.WARNING!if you hate having songs stuck in your head i suggest you do not go on this one :) through out the whole ride the animals and people sing the famous song "It's a Small World".The next attraction is Snow White's Scary Adventures in this ride you'll never how it's going to be since it's constanly reurbished ( I'd check the DisneyWorld web site to find out what the ride is currently like...But as far as know since i've been on the ride over 20 times it's a Fun House style ride where you zip through the forest and see scenes from Snow White and near misses with the bad guys.This ride is usally about a minute long.Next to that in the main stripe of FantasyLand is Peter Pan's Flight.This ride is also a fun house ride where you board a flying ship and wisk over london.Another great attraction in FantasyLand is the Mad Tea Party where you spin around swifty in Giant teacups.FanasyLand's only Play is the Legend of the Lion King.This show includes animatronics puppertry,animation,music,and special effects.Dumbo the Flying elephant is a Favorite for all young children.When you board Dumbo you Soar high in the sky spinning and you direct dumbo!
R.I.P my favorite attraction in FantasyLand Mr.Toad's Wild Ride has been removed to add a Winnie The Pooh Ride ..I am hoping that it'll Be just as good!The next and Final section of the Magic Kingdom is Tomorrowland which holds the key to tomorrow's future technology and the things to come it also holds the Magic Kingdoms third and last Mounatain.Space Mountain!Board a two seater rocket ship and climb your first lift hill in the complete Dark!You'll zoom around corners and take drop that you don't even know that are coming.Zip through the darkness and scream your way down the 50 foot drop at the end which dubs itself the most thrilling ride in the Magic Kingdom!One of the first attractions you see when you enter the Magic Kingdom is The ExtraTERRORestriel Alien Encounter.Find yourself caught in the middle of an experiment gone awry during the most frightening thriller of all Magic Kingdom attractions. A voracious alien has gotten loose in the darkened room, and, judging by the hot breath you feel on your neck, he's a bit hungry!
Another attraction in Tomorrow Land is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.As you make your way up the steep escolater and board your blue cart high above Tomorrowland as you take a short preview of all the Tomorrowland rides ( If your unsure about Space Mountain you should visit this ride first.)Spinning high above Tomorrowland is the Astro Obiter where you pilot your own space craft around neighboring planets.One of the best and oldest attractions at the Magic Kingdom!Is the Carousel of Progress.In the pre show queing area you'll watch monitors of Walt Disney singing " It's a great big beutiful tomorrow" the theme song for the carousel of progress.Once inside you'll watch an Animatronic family from the turn of the century into the future.In a theater seat which turns into different rooms which is a different time in the family's life till finally virtual reality and even a computerized talking oven!Another Attraction in Tomorrowland is Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin.Enter the playful world of Toys where you join Buzz Lightyear on a daring mission to save the universe. Piloting your own XP-38 Space Cruisers, you spin though various scenes scaled to the size of toys. Vehicles are fitted with a joystick steering mechanism and twin laser cannons. It's an interactive outer space adventure taking kids of all ages "To infinity and beyond!" The final ride in the Magic Kingdom is The Tomorrowland Speedway where you drive your way around in go cart through tomorrowland and Mickey's ToonTown Fair these 5mph go-carts are'nt much of a thrill but bumping the people ahead of you is!Look to this area around August for more pictures of the Magic Kingdom!
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