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Pokemon World Online

Hey people sup welcome to my pokemon site. Please vote for me in the top 50.

Hey people welcome to my pokemon site. This pokemon site is also a site for a fast growing club Pokemon World. I hope you will join by clicking on join at the right. Thanks now enjoy the site. Oh yeah please vote for click one of the banners below. I have updated this page a lot in the past week. This Pokemon page was started 6/25/99 to the last update 7/03/99. If you have any comments please e-mail me here OUTLIER64.

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6/18/99-I started the page got the banner up and the main page.
6/19/99-Today I got the second part of the frames up and running. There will be several more updates next week.
6/21/99-Today i got the codes page up and running. I only have normal codes no Gamegenie or Gamechark codes.
6/22/99-Today i got the GameGenie code page up and the awards page. More updates to come each day.
6/23/99-Today i just updated everything on the page. I added some more vote for things. I have added some pics and some 3D pics.
6/25/99=Today I have updated everything added more links on the frame and made some banners
6/27/99-Today I made some more banners and i added more gameshark codes
6/29/99-Today I have updated everything again. Today I have added the members only area. Tommorwo if you are one of the peeps that wants to join i am going to make the Join page
7/01/99Today I didn't do much I just added the join page and added the TM+HM list and location's page More updates to come soon
7/03/99-Today I have updated everything I won an Award in the awards section I am now making my own awards. If you want to win one Click here. Soon I am going to add the adoption agency where you can adopt up to 10 pokemon from me.
7/05/99-Today I have updated everything and i have made this website compatible with older browsers
7/07/99-Today I added the pokemon I adopted section and I am working on the Pokemon Adoption Agency riht now.
7/08/99-Today I updated everything a little and have almost finished the adoption agency. You can expect several more updates coming in a few days
7/09/99-Today I have updated the site added some links made all the main links icons. I added Part of the TCG section also. I have worked on the adoption agency.