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Liotale's Catwalk

April 15, 2001

So today I get really bored, and decided I'd really like my site back up...but I don't have that much time to write too many fics (instead, I read fics), so I decided to go ahead and make this a nice review site. I'm gonna have reviews of books that I've read, as well as fics. These are mostly Harry Potter, Star Wars, Cats, and Phantom of the Opera, mind, so if you don't happen to like any of're SOL. Sorry. But fear not- I will put up a few of my completed fics for your enjoyment! (Seeing as I only have two, you don't need to worry! ;)Now...please note...I don't have any reviews up yet...bear with me, these things take time!(oh, the penname, Eily Padriac? while I'm still keeping the old site title, I'm using the penname Eily Padriac...don't get confused!)

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