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Newspaper Stories about Johnny

(Buffalo Tribune June 3 1953) Cliff Cunningham won the Buffalo Days Hog Callin' contest, the prize being two tickets to see "Elvis" who is a nice young man that sings and plays the guitar. Little Clifford was VERY excited, and danced around doing his award winning hog calls. He is expected to be accompanied by his older sister Melvine, who also likes this "Elvis" fellah.

(Associated Press July 2 1964) Johnny Moondog, a local disc jockey for KSHE-95 will be at the opening of "Hooters" a sports bar, and restaurant. Moondog is still on probation from the station because he used profanity while on the air, and several complaints were received by the FCA. He is expected to play "Stairway to Heaven" by a rock and roll band that the area youth favor, he is also expected to bring "Porker" the station's mascot.

(St Louis Post Dispatch Sept 24, 1972) There may be more amis than the "Moondog Radio Network" is letting on regarding the absence of Johnny Moondog from his show last night. Moondog's summer house in Colorado burned to the ground, and his pet cow was missing from his stable at the residence. This comes after a controversial show regarding the Roswell incident, and Area 51. While on air, a caller said that it would be "wise" to stop talking about these subjects. Shortly thereafter, the tower was "hit by lightning" and the show terminated. The Air Force (On who's base Area 51 is located) denies having anything to do with Moondog's vanishing.

(World News August 02, 1999)Everyone was stunned in the "Sands" Casino when Elvis, Jim Morrison, Johnny Horton, and Johnny Moondog all got up to sing an inpromptu barbershop quartet version of "Riders on the Storm". Until that time, the great Neal Diamond was giving a charity concert. Donald Trump was on hand, and was overheard saying that whatever the "Sands" was paying the foursome, he would quadruple their asking price to have them perform at his casino. This is the first official sighting of the four since their supposed deaths over 20 years ago.