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Just Who Was This Johnny?!?!?!

Clifford Robert Cunningham was born on Febuary 22, 1943 in the small town of Buffalo Montana to Mr. and Mrs. William Cunningham. He grew up working in the fields dreaming of the cosmos, and the mysteries held therein. Little Clifford and his father never got along very well, so to avoid going home at night, he would stay late at school and sit in the library reading and rereading the few books on astronomy that Buffalo School had to offer. Clifford waited until he had his diploma before going out on his own at the tender age of 17 1/2. Angered by the many years of abuse that he had endured from his father, he went to the court house and walked out Johhhy Moondog. He had always liked the music of Johnny Mathis and the local musical group "The Moondogs", combining the two he came up with his new name. That fall, he moved to St. Louis to enroll in Washington University to study Chaos Theories, and Astronomy. Johnny got his Masters in both, then set out to find a job.

He quickly found a part time job at a local radio station there (KSHE 95.5) as a late night disk jockey, but became tired of people wanting to hear "Stairway to Heaven" all the time. He sought employment on the AM dial, landing a weekend gig called "Johnny on the Spot" a call in show about do it yourself plumbing, and carpentry. Of course, history knows that later, he landed a full time show, "Secrets of the Universe" on KMOX. He stayed at that job until his sudden vanishing sometime after his last show, on December 23rd 1989.