This is my Bein' Nice section. This is the little oasis away from the Humor!! Enjoy!!

What Mr. Sandman Sentcha!

You know you all get 'em. Dreams at night...with *NSYNC. Read what others dream and submit your own!


*N Sound Asylum

*Temporarily taken down so that I may fix and ADD the sounds wavs. The uploading takes some time so I don't want to promise a day's recovery on this one! It shall be up soon!


Nifty Lil Concert Review

(VERY OLD REVIEW-I WILL SOON HAVE ONE FROM THE NSA TOUR TO TELL YOU ABOUT MYSELF!!)--OK, so I never ended up writing one. I'm sorry. Maybe someday I will get to it. :)

COMING one of these days...(once I scan a picture for it) A NEW CONCERT REVIEW!


Banners, Sites

What? Did you think that I didn't web surf like the rest of y'all? Hehe.


**NEW!!!** Courtesy of

Which Member of NSYNC is Your Soulmate QUIZ

**NEW!!** Want to be published in a tribute book of *NSYNC? Well, here is your chance! Courtesy of, you can participate in such a book honoring different stars! BUT HURRY! Because you only have until October 5, 2001 to be in *NSYNC's! where you can pick and choose other books to participate in as well as NSYNC's.

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