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Body Switch

Find out what happens when a mysterious gift from a fan makes the guys switch bodies in their sleep!!

*NOTE: I am finally completing this story so it should be up someday, hopefully. I am also adding pictures and altering it for easier readablity. It's a cute work of fiction I think you will all enjoy so please stop by later or sign up to the Updates list to find out when this (and other sections) get completed!

Pros, Cons, and Pondering Thoughts

Some things just need to be commented on...Same as reviews I guess. These and TV Appearances go hand in hand.

The Boys on TRL...with Gloria...

Oh, Gloria...Gloria, Gloria, Gloria.

Random TV Appearance Reviews

Hey, they had to fit SOMEWHERE!

Love Letters

Are you sure you want one of these from your favorite *NSYNCer?

At Second Glance and more...pictures that is!!

Ah, yes. A picture is worth a thousand words...and a thousand wise cracks!!

This is back up and running! Click here for three new picture sections as well!

G' Morning Sunshine!

Early to bed, early to rise, makes an *NSYNCer healthy, wealthy, and ...well, yeah, wealthy some more.

The Wants, The Needs

Some desires of their own...

A Few Reasons Why The Guys Cant Get Any Play

Yeah, well...

The Casting in JayLancie's Play (starring *NSYNC)


How To Make the Perfect Female outta *NSYNC

JayLancie-stein's Monster!!

Behind the Scenes

And here you thought they were NORMAL!

Me, Candi, and *NSYNC...Yikes!

Yes...Yikes IS the word...

Interview #2

...with Me, Candi, *NSYNC and two annoying followers.

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A "Live AOL Chat" (Note: It's fictional!)

Take a look at how an AOL chat would go if the guys really spoke their minds...

*NSYNC on Sesame Street

Take a look at what happens when the guys are mysteriously taken to 123 Sesame Street...


This is a forward email I got a long time ago and felt it worth while to post it.

Coming Soon: A surprise section...you won't know what it is until it's up!

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