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A Nifty Lil Concert Review

This review is from Nsync12316. I haven't changed a word (I only paragraph it to make it easier for you to read and my real name ^_^). I titled them for the fun of it. These are straight from the emails she gave me! From the typing you can tell she was excited.

WOW this sounded like an AWESOME concert...READ ON!!!! She sat very close to the stage! OH YEAH! THIS EXPLAINS WHAT THE EUROPEAN VIDEO "U DRIVE ME CRAZY" IS ABOUT FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T KNOW! ANNNND how the guys looked!!

On To The Concert...On To Waiting...

OK JayLancie. i went to the concert yesterday and OH MY GOD i had close seats very close seats. OK my dad and i left our house at 5:00 to the Woodlands Pavilion, that where the concert was at. We got there and hour later at 6:00 when we got there there's was already a whole bunch of girls there.

We went to the pavilion (it was a concert that was held out- side).

OPENING ACTS! (NO-Not Britney Spears either)

Ok when got there we waited for other hour the concert started at 7:30 when 7:30 came around the first act came out, and i am so sorry i can't remember the first act but they sang 4 songs. When after they finished another act came out and it was Shanea she sang four song too, after her Jorden Knight came out he sang "Never Take you place or your Man" or something like that and he sang "Give it to you" and two other songs.


Then he left we waited like 30 minutes till NSync came out the guy were setting up the stage and everything, and finally NSync came out they use a Imission Inpossibe Theame and they came from the rafters just like Tom Cruis did when he was trying to brake in to that room from the ceiling well that what NSync did it was so cool!!

RIPPIN' OFF THE CLOTHES!!!! Take if Lance, take it alllll off!!

After they came form the ceiling they were wearing all black then they rip their clothes off and they had basketball jerseys on if i can remember Joey had Bulls, Justin and JC had Heat,Chris had Lakers Lance had the Celics. Ok well the first song they sang was Here We Go and that got the girls crazy everyone was screaming and me too. The second was The Girl Who Has Everything, after that song they went back to change

On with the Sixties

while they were changing the screen came on and they were showing the 60's decade and the big hit then was the movie That Thing You Do and NSync came out dressed as the people in the movie. (if you seen the movie you know what i am talking about) Well when they we singing Joey played the drums,Lance played the key board,Justin and Chris played the guitar while JC sang lead they sang That Thing You Do.

Here Come the 70's and 80's

Ok they finished that song the screen came on again and they were on the 70's and thats when Jackson Five was out and when the guys came out they were dressed like Jackson Five. Chris sang lead he sounded just like Micheal Jackson because of his high singing voice. After that song the screen came on again and 80's where next that when the song Celebration was out so i bet you know what song they sang LOL they sang Celebration i can't remember what they were wearing though but when they were singing confetti went everywhere. And after they finished that song 90's where up and what best to represent is Nsync and they came out and themselves and sang but i can't remember what they sang though sorry.

Another kind of Britney...

After they finished the decade thing they sang God Must Have Soent A Little More Time On You, and everyone went crazy but the thing was right at the part when Justin sings God Must Have Spent Little More Time On You he always stop at on "on" he ever finished the song he and the crowd was going crazy he keep singing but he still ever finished he always stop on "on" so they rest of the Guy where pretending to be all mad at Justin, and Chris finally said " Justin you acting stupid finished the song you know the rest of the song right" Justin said "yeah" Then Chris was like "finish the song" Then Justin says" I just don't feel it" Then Chris goes"What do you mean you don't feel it! There's all the girls screaming and you don't feel it" Justin just shook his head then Chris says" how about if i bring a girl up here and you can sing to her" Justin was like ok that would work then Chris said"How about this little girl over here"

And Chris pointed at her she was so cute she was like 5 years old so the girls mother gave the girl to Chris and he sat her on the stage right next to Justin she was so little everyone was "all how cute". Then Chris ask the girls name and her name was Brittany and everyone started to laugh because Brittany like Brittany Spears but it wasn't Brittany spears it was a little girl name Brittany so Chris ask "Brittany could you tell Justin to finish the song" she shook her head yes then Chris gave her the microphone and Brittany goes "Justin can you finish the song"she was so cute so Justin got up and Finshed the song and he gave Brittany a kiss on the head everyone was like " aww".


Ok after that sang they went back stage to changed and while the where changing they where showing a video "U Dive Me Crazy" off their Europe CD the video was about the guy trying to get a manger and they dressed up like Spice Girls and everything and they still didn't get there manger because he didn't like them till finally they came as themselves and they got the manger it was real funny.

I see London, I see France, I see A TATOO!!!

After the video was over the guys came out with sun glasses and dressed in all white singing Giddy Up and i saw Justin tattoo thats how close i was, his tattoo was on right ankle i tried to see the other guys to see if i can see their tattoo but i couldn't but i saw Joey tattoo he got one his ankle and one right below his knee i think it was on the right side i can't remember .

Confetti can be a souvenier

Ok enough of that they were flashing the NSync sign while the guys where changing and everyone was saying "NSync" then they finally came out and song Here We Go and everyone was singing and they said N you and SYNC so everyone did that for little while then they said thanks for being a great crowd and they went back stage but everyone knew they were coming back and they did they came out with flame shirt (if you watched all access on MTV when NSync was on and at the end they were wearing some shirts with flames on them if you watched that you know what i am talking about"

well they came out singing I Want You Back while they where singing confetti went everywhere i got some because they shot the caffeinic right at me where i was sitting so i kept it for a souvenir I am a big Nsync Fan as you can tell LOL well after I Want You Back they said their final good byes and left everyone got up and left but before i left my dad bought me a JC picture and a Justin picture and they look real good in those pictures LOL.


Ok well me and my dad where on our why back to the car we got lost and guess where i ended up at in the back where the guys buses were i freaked out but we didn't wait tell they came out because it would be awhile but i did see their bus and their truck for the band stuff but we finally found our car we didn't get back home till 12:00.

YOUR Dad likes the music??? Mine too!

I had so much fun my dad said when they come back to Houston he buy me tickets because he like NSync too he ever heard them till last night and he loved it so when they come back i am going i am so exited about that well me i have a sore throat from screaming i almost lost my voice but i can still talk well here was my day at the concert on Friday April 13 1999.

( Yeah i forgot right after the guys finished I Want You Back they sang a new song off their new Album No Strings Attched well their a song on the album also call No Strings Attached and the song is cool it's gots alot all of beat to it. I can't wait till it The Album comes out!!)

What did the GUYS look like!??? (especially Lance)

Ok you know five the group right well do you know how Scott of Five had his hair spiked and each spike was kidda twisted you know what I am talking about Well thats how Lance had his hair he still looked Good just different.

Well Chris looked the same you watched the Teen Awards right well you remember how he had his hair thats how he had it but thats the only thing different about him and Joey he still had his red hair but it's not that red anymore he looked good

JC and Justin Looked pretty good too actually more like Hot LOL i starting to really like Justin because he has such a cute face but i will never give JC up Justin LOL

well i hope i told you what you wanted to hear if you want to know more about the concert i don't know why because i explain all of it in that letter i sent you but if you want to know more about that guy feel free to ask ok Bye