McGyvier the Mullet.
the Mullet of the 80s
Now only able to be seen in musiums or on 80s icons
The one the only
but..with a latino twist
The man who made the Mullet what it is today Rodders made the mullet a superstar hit unlike his career
Ah the permed Mullet where to begiun
Of course,
The rock Mullet™
supported world wide by out dated heavy metal heros
Oh dear

Billy Ray Cyrus.The Man, The Mullet
See how the mullet
forces the host to grow
a porn star tash. This applies to both men
and women
Uh Huh huh..thank you vary much
Do you see his eyes are glazing over as fast as his eye brows are growing together
Ah erm.....Wow the kipper tie goes nice with that sham mullet
This poor fool was trying for A Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet & failed
The Mad max films sprang new life into the permed Mullet

Don't forget to mail your Mullet pics and reap the rewards of knowing you have done well by turning in the odities of nature..