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GoTo:Avatars for Vp

How to install Virtual Places
To download and install Virtual Places:
    1. Go to:

    2. Select your computer platfrom windows 95,98.

    3. Click "download the chat software."

    4. A "Save As" dialog box will appear. Select a file location (we recommend that you download the software to your desktop).

    5. Click Save.

    6. Go to your desktop and double-click the "Vp2Ex21132" or "Vp2Ex21145" icons.

    7. A dialog box will appear to confirm that you want to install the software. Click Yes.

Virtual Places will install itself on to your computer. Once installed, A yellow Talk! icon will appear on your desktop. The next time you want to chat, double-click the Talk! icon on your desktop or visit the Chat Hub.

VP Progz

Prog Link
Richtx32 For Satans Helper
MsWinsc Another for Satan's Helper
ComDlg32 Another for Satan's Helper
Vbrun60 VB6 runtime files
VPBBoot Boots mugs and most users
LilFuker SH killer
Virtual Supremacy Kreeps and av..lOl
LagDom Lagg av for booting
BombShelter Help's Illegal Opp Errors
Aegis More info boot
.RoomKill2 INI booter
.RoomKill3 INI booter
Satan's Helper Illegal Opp booter
Genesis Makes heads for Vp
Wizdum Toolz Just a nice prog
Fusion Nice Prog!
GenCom Patch-It All Patches
Windows Washer Cleans Files
Dizzier Flips av rapidly
The Darkness The Darkness
FyRe ScOrCh Nice Prog
Lithium Ok Vp Prog
Blister Nice prog
Paula's Thimble Nice protection prog for Vp.

VP Patches

Description Link
Ultra Head Ultra
Giga Head Giga
Micro Head Micro
Movable Head Movable
Nano Head Nano
The Megahead by Modummir (1 person) Megahead
The Mated Megahead by Modummir (2 people) Mated Megahead
The Triple Megahead by Modummir (3 people) Triple Megahead
Send Bigger Files in VP Bigfile
Play Gestures in IMs Gestures
Allows you to use Bigheads/Megas So u see them in your Gallery
increses gesture bubble time Bubble
Disables the Gesture boot No Boot

VP Games

Description Link
The Yahtzee Game From Excite Yahtzee
The Checkers Game From Excite Checkers
The BattleShip Game From Excite Battleship
The Chess Game From Excite Chess

Other Downloads

Description Link
Psp 5.00 Evaluation and patch Psp 5.00 Eval
Psp Psp 5 Full
Winzip 7.0 (Name:"EMX 97" Ser#:"62165034") WinZip 7.0
Chillys Av Stealer Chillys
Transparent Av Transparent Av
The True Table 3.0 The True Table - The True Table
Image capturing tool Avs, tours, megas Capture 98
Big Dawgs Gesture Compiler Gesture Maker
Gesture Genie Gesture Maker
Anti Virus Program AVP