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The Hardest DBZ Quiz Ever

Can you defeat the quiz?

How the quiz works: Answer all of the questions and then send them to me. I will add a page where it shows how people have done. If you get 100% you get an award, but to win the award you have to answer all of the questions, easy - medium and hard.


1. Who are the first 3 characters to be seen in the Dragon Ball Series?

2. What is Korrin's Tower called?

3. In episode one who is the saiyan that comes to earth?

4. Who was Goku's arch enemy but then decided to fight with him?

5. Name the three series'?

6. What is Yamcha shy of?

7. When Nappa and Vegeta come to earth for the first time, who kill's Nappa?

8. What does GT stand for in Dragon Ball GT?

9. Who is the first person to die fighting Nappa and Vegeta?

10. Who did Goku visit by traveling down snake way?


11. What are the two Fusions called?

12. Who is Goku's first student?

13. Buu's father is named _____?

14. Who is the first to transform into a saiyan?

15. Does Vegeta marrie Bulma?

16. Who are there two kids?

17. Wich move was used to kill every human on earth?

18. Is Cell a machine?

19. Name three nameks

20. How many wished do you get from Namek Dragonballs?


21. Wich of Goku's family is the youngest?

22. Name three Trunks

23. Wich planets have Dragonballs on them?

24. Name 6 Z Fighters

25. What level of Super saiyan does Goku reach?

Quiz for Fun
Who is the hottest girl in DBZ?

Current Results
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