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The Gunslingers are an ancient group of warriors who were charged by the gods of their homeland, Irendi, to keep the peace between the clans. They were given magic powers in order to do this. Also the gods saw it fit to bestow a very deadly tool to the Gunslingers, weapons that can kill from great distances, the guns, an advantage due to their numbers (only ten sets of these guns were created). The guns of the Gunslingers have several unique abilities. For one they increase the potency of magic cast by their owner, they can never fire on another Gunslinger, they absorb the souls of their victims, and they bond with their owners over time.

The Gunslingers are given ranks according to performance and time acquired. The tests for new rank are often difficult for certain people depending on their morals. there are eight levels, or Khefs, and only one person in the clans history made it to Eighth, a man know as Cotton_G8, he led the Gunslingers throughout his life and died fighting against superior numbers. The clan was decimated in a war against a cruel and opposing clan known as The "K".

Only one Gunslinger survived this battle, Dethstryk_G5. He left his desolate world and made his way to tyran and from there the rest is history.

Journey Book
Khef Requirements
Khef Ranks