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The Library - Jellylorum's Book Corner

Hello, friends! Celestia has added a second part to her story now, and she would kindly appreciate feedback of any sort. I'm still looking for more material, and you can submit yours by emailing Celestia. Don't worry, you will recieve credit! Thank you, and enjoy my bookshelf!

NEW! Check out Matropolis's fic!

**Celestia scampers in** Hey Jelly! Sorry, but I just need to stick this Disclaimer on here:

Disclaimer: All Cats characters belong to RUG and not to me! This site is for entertainment only!

The Shelf...

Finding Trust - Celestia's First Fanfic - Part 1
Finding Trust - Part 2
Finding Trust - Part 3
Finding Trust - Part 4
Finding Light - Matropolis' Fic - Part 1
Finding Light - Part 2