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Tugger Beat - Interview with Spazzy Kitty!

Tugger: Welcome back! This is your host, the one and only Curious cat, and today we have an interview with Spazzy Kitty, a friend of Celestias! **Spazzy Kitty enters and waves to audience ** So, Spazzy, describe yourself for our viewers.

Spazzy: *sits up straight on Tugger's interview couch* Well, I'm rather small, mostly grey, with a white V on my chest. I have three white socks and one dark grey one on my left front paw. My tail *flourishes tail* is dark grey at the base, blending into light grey, then blending to a white tip. My face is similar to Etcetera's, but with grey shading and a grey patch over my left eye. My left eye's blue, my right eye's brown. The patch of grey on my left goes up to my ear, and my right ear's white. The rest of my head is mottled greys. I have dark grey splotches on my body, in particular... *shifts to side and extends right leg* a dark grey heart on my right hip... *blushes and sits back the way she was, tail covering heart marking* *cough* ahem...

Tugger: Well, anyone special in your life at the moment?

Spazzy: *blushes* Well, my lifelong companion and mate is Mifesto. 'festo's Mistoffelee's brother, you know. *sigh* They were only just recently reunited, when we joined the Jellicle tribe. And then there's Skittles... she's my adopted daughter. *sniffs and wipes away a tear*... 'Festo and I were going to have a kitten... *sniffs* but... we had a run in with Macavaty's goons and... *falters*... and... it didn't make it... *burries head in arms and weeps*... *sniffs* ah... but Skittles has filled that void, I love her so much... And Mifesto... *sniffs, regaining composure* Ah... Oh, look! Here's 'festo and Skittles! Come on out here! *Mifesto (who looks just like Misto except that his tail is all black, instead of a tux-chest he's got a white star, and has four white socks instead of three) walks up to the couch holding Skittles, who is struggling and mewing.*

Skittles- Daaaaad! Lemmie down! *struggles* Oof...

Mifesto: (rather flustered) Oh, alright... *sets Skittles down* Hi, Spazzy!

Spazzy: Come sit here on the couch! *pats place beside her*

Skittles: *who has noticed Tugger and is hiding behind 'festo's legs*-Mooommmyyy! I'm scared!

Spazzy: It's okay, come on! *Mifesto moves over and sits beside Spazzy, giving her a quick affectionate nuzzle*

*Skittles sloooowly moves over towards the couch, eyeing Tugger suspiciously...*

Skittles: Who's that, Mommy? *hides behind Spazzy*

Spazzy: This is Rum Tum Tugger, he's interveiwing me for his show. Don't be scared, he's not mean...

*Skittles overcomes her fear and starts purring loudly* Skittles (to Tugger)- Hello! *ducks playfully behind Spazzy*

Tugger: Welcome, Mifesto. So, I guess you know you're brother's pretty famous around the junkyard.

Mifesto: Well, yes... I suppose so... He seems to have quite a following... *glances at Celestia backstage*

Celestia: **Smacks paw against forehead** No matter how hard I try to get away from you people...

Tugger: How do you feel about your brother?

Mifesto: We're really close. Ever since we were reunited we've talked and really caught up on all the lost time... *looks thoughtfull* Ah, well... he's the shy one, though. Not much of a party cat, but when you can coax him to put on a show he can really dance! I think he must practice when no one else is watching... He'll kill me for saying this, but don't let him near catnip! *laughs* He kind of looses control. I heard about the "pants" incident... *laughs* right after Spazzy and I joined the Jellicles there was this party, one of Pouncival's- (Now there's a party cat, he he)- ... *thinks about it, laughing* and someone brought catnip... I think it was Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer. *laughs* Anyway, so someone spiked the punch and Misto had a few too many glasses, and the next thing you know he's got the lampshade on his head! *laughs* *wipes his eyes* Oh, wow... he's gonna kill me for that one! Gotta watch out for that lightening paw... Oh, man... is he here? Misto? *sees Misto watching in the back, mouth hanging wide open*

Skittles: Uncle Misto!!! *bounces up and down on Spazzy's lap*

**Celestia groans and faints**

'Festo: Uh, oh... now I'm in for it... *ducks behind Spazzy* ((to Misto)) Dude, you're not still mad at me for taking those pictures, are you?

Skittles: He he he... do a trick, uncle Misto! *Skittles is still purring from before* *Skittles jumps off Spazzy's lap and runs over to "Uncle Misto"*

Spazzy: Skittles... Oh... *Misto is giving 'festo dirty looks*

Tugger: Well, hello Misto!

Misto: **Glaring at 'festo** Uh... hi.

**Celestia wakes up, shakes her head and drinks a cold glass of water offstage**

Tugger: What a wonderful coincedence..hehe... So what's been going on in your life now?

Misto: (looking rather embarrased at what 'festo has just broadcast to the world)- *ahem* (to 'festo) I believe it was YOU who had the lampshade on your head...

'festo: Oh, that's right... you were wearing the punch bowl! *ducks from a small zap from Misto's paw* Hey, watch it!

*Tugger tries to get the interview back on track*

Misto: Oh, yeah... well, *sits down on the couch next to Spazzy ('festo's hiding on Spazzy's other side)*...

*Skittles jumps up and down* Skittles- Uncle Misto, uncle MISTO!!!

Misto: *smiles at Skittles* What is it, Skittles?

Skittles: *jumps up in his lap, purring* Do a trick, Uncle Misto!

Spazzy: *trying to calm Skittles down*... Skittles, uncle Misto is buisy right now... *Skittles looks dissapointed, then jumps off Misto's lap and runs off*HEY! SKITTY! Where are you going? (to Tugger) I'm sorry, she's such a handfull sometimes...

Tugger: Go ahead, this'll give us a good chance to talk with Misto and'festo.

Spazzy *chases after Skittles*: SKITTLES! *thupatythupatythup sounds of Skittles feet scuttling around*

Tugger: Well... now, you were saying?

Misto: Well, lately I've been catching up with my brother on all the time we've missed out on growing up. *gives his brother a nudge in the arm*

'festo: He he...

Misto: and, of course, preparing for the Jellicle ball.

'festo: Yah, hope nobody brings catnip... *Misto gives his brother a dirty look*

Misto: That's it... *the two toms start scuffeling, wrestling, rolling around*

Tugger: Woah, come on! This isn't Jerry Springer! *'festo pins Misto on the ground, both are catching their breath*

'festo: Truce? *offers his paw to help Misto up*

Misto(reluctantly): alright... truce...

*Spazzy comes in with Skittles by the paw, who is struggling and mewing*

Spazzy: *sigh*... I found her.

'festo: C'mere, Skitty! Hey... what happened to your hair...? *Skittles hair looks unusually spikey*

Spazzy: I think she got into some of Tugger's hair gel...

Skittles(hiding behind Spazzy): *tugs at the paw Spazzy's holding*... Mommmy... Lemmie go!

Spazzy: Only if you promise to behave! *gives 'festo a flustered look*

'festo: C'mere, Skitty! Sit up here next to me and uncle Misto.

*Spazzy lets go of Skittle's hand and she scuttles up on 'festo's lap*

Spazzy: Whoa... any room left for me?

'festo, Misto, and Skittles all sit on the couch, Misto and 'festo scooch over to make room*

Misto: There's pleanty of room. Even enough for one more...

Skittles: Mommeeee!!!

*Spazzy sits down between the two toms*

Spazzy: So, what're we talking about?

Tugger: Misto and 'festo here were just... er... talking about what it's like being reunited after being seperated at birth.

Spazzy: Ah... *looks back and forth between the two toms, eying Misto's rumpled fur and 'festo's guilty look suspiciously* You two haven't been fighting again, have you?

'festo- Aw, just a little scuffle...

Spazzy-*rolls eyes* Sibling rivalry... *sigh*...

Tugger: Well, it seems we do have room for one more...

Celestia: **to herself, offstage** Oh, dear Heaviside, Tugger, no! Have some mercy...

Tugger: There's our webmistress... hey, Celestia, come on over!

Celestia: **jaw drops, rolls eyes** I'm dead meat...

Skittles *turns her head towards Celestia*: Cestia !!!

'festo: Why not? Scootch over, Misto... *Misto and Spazzy scootch to let Celestia (who's looking rather ill...) sit between them. Celestia glares at Tugger one more time and sits gingerly, trying to forget where she is.**

Misto: *looking conscerned* You okay, Celestia? You don't look so well...

Celestia: **Looks at Misto with a strange smile** No... no, I'm fine...**glares at Tugger** JUST fine!

*Skittles clambers over and sits on Celestia's lap, purring loudly*

Celestia: Awwww...

Skittles: *yawns* I'm sleepy... *curls up and falls asleep on Celestia's lap, still purring*

Tugger: Awww, how cute... now you're stuck! *gives Celestia a mischiveouselook*

Spazzy: *sighs* she hasn't had a nap yet all day... she'll be zonked for an hour, at least... *gives Celestia a worried smile*

Tugger: *checking to make sure Skittles is asleep* So, tell us a little about the experience of raising a kitten.

*Misto is smiling, watching Skittles, who is sleeping so cute... and drooling on Celestia's tail...*

Spazzy: Well... *looks sad remembering about the kitten she lost* Skittles has been a real joy in our lives... *looks to 'festo, who is comforting her*

'festo: a handful at times, but a joy...

Spazzy: When we lost our kitten I was devistated... *falters a little*... but then we found Skittles, left all alone... the last of her litter. Her parents had been killed... *voice quavers, she buries her head in 'festo's shoulder*

'festo: So we adopted her... shortly after we met up with the Jellicles, and everything's been working out fine since then. *smiles at Skittles, who is snoozing peacefully*

Misto: I remember the night you came... *looks thoughtful*

Tugger- Tell us about it...

Misto: There was a really bad storm. I was sitting in the trunk of an old car at the entrance to the junkyard. I saw them approaching the gate...

'festo: We had been walking all night and I spotted the Junkyard...

Spazzy: It was very wet, the temperatures were freezing... poor Skittles caught a cold... *reaches over to ruffle the fur (still spiked with gel) on Skittles' head. Skittles stirrs in her sleep, giving a muffled mew*

Misto: I couldn't find Munkustrap; no one was out in that storm, so I called out to them.

Tugger: What was it like meeting your brother for the first time since you were seperated?

Misto: It was weird... I had nearly forgotten I had a brother. They came over to the trunk and it was like looking in a mirror...

'festo: I saw his face and my mind flashed back to when we were kittens...

Tugger: So you recognized each other right away?

Misto: Well, at first I didn't know what to think, but then it all came back.

Spazzy: Luck for us Misto spotted us, or we probably wouldn't have made it...

**Celestia stifles a sob**

**there's not a dry eye in the room. Tugger pauses.**

Tugger: You're very lucky cats. And what a close family! Does anyone have any plans for the future?

*Mifesto and Spazzy look at each other*

'festo: Uhh...

Spazzy: Well, maybe when Skittles is a bit older we might try for another kitten...

*'festo doesn't know what to think*

'festo(looking rather flustered): ah,yeah...

Spazzy: *notices 'festo's flustered look* But for now, one's fine...

Tugger: How 'bout you, Misto? Ever think of settling down, having a few kittens?

**Celestia's jaw drops, she glares at Tugger**

Misto(who is bright red under his fur): *gulp*... ahh....

*Skittles twitches in her sleep, stirring a bit*

Skittles(grogily): Uh... wha? Mmmm... *snuggles between Misto and Celestia and goes back to sleep*

**Celestia grins and pets the kitten**

Misto: *smiling at Skittles* Maybe some day...

'festo: He he, maybe you could babysit for us sometime, get a feel for it... *looks at his brother*

Spazzy: Shh... *gestures to Skittles*

'festo: oh, right... *quiets his voice* well...

Spazzy: Hmm... maybe I should put Skittles somewhere quiet for her nap...

Misto: Oh, let me... *gingerly picks up the sleeping kitten and cradles her in his arms. Celestia gets a wobbly grin.**

Spazzy: Thanks, Misto...

'festo: Hey, you're a natural! You sure you don't wanna babysit hersome time? *Misto smiles at his neice, then quietly carries her out of the room*

Tugger: Awww... how sweet... **regains tough look** well... er... I'm afraid that's all the time we have for today, folks. Thanks for coming, and see you next time, on Tugger Beat!