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The Front Door - Misto's Links

Celestia: Uh... hi Misto.

Misto: Hey. How's the links page coming?

Celestia: Er.. uh... pretty well. I was wondering if... um.. might like to... uh... host it?

Misto: Sure. I'd be glad to.

Celestia: Really? Do you mean it? Really?

Misto: **looks a little confused** Why not?

Celestia: **swoons a little** Wow... thanks... **she staggers off looking dazed**

Misto: I think she had a little too much catnip this morning... anyway... welcome to my links page! Here's where I keep a directory of Celestia's favorite places on the web, cat-egorized (okay, bad pun) and easily accessible. Feel free to surf around, and come back soon!

If you would like a link connected to your page, send Celestia and Email, and you'll be on the list!

Four Paws Up (aka Favorite Links)

Jennifer's Jellicle Junkyard
Jadadaye's Nook of the Junkyard
Mistonomy's Down Town CATS Magicians Page
Sootaput's Cats Page
Jellicle Cats Have Moonlit Eyes
Skimbleshank's Station
Hyperistith's CATS Homepage

Fanfic Pages

Exploring the Unknown
Rheow's Asylum

Graphics Sites

The World of Jellicle Cats