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The Loft - Tugger's Turf

Hello all you felines, this is the Rum Tum Tugger, with his own piece of the Observatory! This section is dedicated to interviewing many of the cats that make us such a famous species on my new show, Tugger Beat! Check out some of the 'views already taped:

UPDATES!!! We're starting an ongoing interview with another famous on-line cat, Spazzy Kitty! Pieces of the interview will be added periodically (and often), so check back and see what's new!

If you would like to have an interview with Tugger, email Celestia, and she'll see what she can do...

The Interviews

Tugger's Interview with the Webmistress
Tugger's Interview with Macavity!!!
Tugger's Interview with Spazzy Kitty