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Celestia's Jellicle Observatory

And now...

The Basement - Mungo and Rumple's Fun and Games!
The Library - Jellylorum's Book Corner
The Loft - Tugger's Interviews
The Front Door - Mistoffelees' Links
The Back Door - Skimble's Webrings
The Deck - Munkustrap's Trophy Case
The Hallway - Jemima's Art
The Auditorium - The Jellicle Theatre Company!
The East Wing - Celestia's Human's FANDOM Showcase


It's me, Celestia, with a webpage that works!!!

This is my little observatory that I run for my mistress. Enjoy your stay!

A very very very special thanks to Jellylorum, who let me use some graphics! You can find a link to her site on the link page.



NEW!!! I have so many obsessions that I just couldn't keep quiet about them! Come check out my feelings on RENT in the new East Wing!


Two slight changes... As you've probably noticed, my kitty counter had been malfunctioning for quite some time... so unfortunately she had to go to that great kitty counter Heaviside Layer in the sky... dearly beloved, we gather here today to mourn her loss... *sniff, sniff* She had to be replaced by a really disgusting green digital thing...*sniff, sniff*...

Also, I'm now on the list for Top 20 Jellicle Sites - *prepares herself for shameless campaigning* - VOTE FOR MEEE!!!

You guys are great, and enjoy the page!!!

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