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Welp this is my tower. It's a Pentium 4: 1.7ghz. It as the following.
Other than that everything is pretty much for looks. I have thumb screws out the ass on this thing... even the pci slots have thumb screws, and yep you guessed it, thumbs screws holding the hard drives..etc I hate to take stuff apart with tools... this makes life easy :-) It has the Blue Cold Cathodes in side to accent it. A 12" on the bottom, and a 4" above the processor. It has the side window so you can see my purdy mobo and processor..lol All the wires inside have split loom on them. It looks alot cleaner now, but I am still trying to hide the wires. Has 2 blow holes up top to vent more air. If I have everything turned on to the 12v it sounds like a jet. NOW the feet glow RED! and I have an LCD on it.. Pretty sweet stuff! I will get much better pics of the LCD so you can actually read it :-)