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On murphee and books...

Well... during the day, I (murphee) am a computer geek, so I stare at a computer screen all day long. But in my spare time, I get reaaaallly wild... if I'm not choppin' wood, you'll find me staring at the inside of books all day long.

About 3-4 years. ago, after 8 ghastly months at the army (compulsory army duty), I had to slowly try to regain my wits. One of the things I did, was to start reading again; after a childhood spent mostly with the nose in a book, I had completely forgotten this habit during adolesence, replacing it with spending time at the computer and slovenian/croatian TV (don't ask...).

I started out slowly, with a little light Kafka ("America"), and then moved on to "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy", (by Douglas Adams) which singlehandedly managed to win me over for books again. This was followed by a mad dash through the 900 page "Cryptonomicon" (by Neal Stephenson), and then... I found it... "Discworld". A series of (currently) 28 +/- books by Terry Pratchett. In only 2 years, I managed to read all of them, and half a year later, I had read most of them twice... if you are in need of a good read, and don't know the Discworld novels yet... well, franky I envy you, as you still got all those great books ahead of you.

Anyway... what will this part of the website contain, you ask? I will try to put up reviews of the books I read, as soon as I finish one from now on. The books I plan to write short reviews about in the near future are

These are the books I am reading right now or have just finished ("now" == "January 2004), and that I will be talking about soon, so stay tuned.