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This site provides information about murphee, a 24+ year old student at the Technical University of Graz and professional geek (specializing in Java).


January 17th 2006

Updated Talks section: New paper on dynamic compilers

I added the paper "Tackling JVM inefficiencies with modern Dynamic Compilers" to my Talks section . Talks section? Yeah, because I wrote that as part of a seminar, and that involved a talk as well. The slides will be up some time after the occasion.

May 23th 2005

Updated Talks section: Modern Virtual Machine Performance

I added the slides for my Grazer LinuxTage05 talk about Modern Virtual Machine Performance in the Talks section .

May 05th 2004

New section: Talks...

I added a new section for information about talks I hold. Currently this will contain info about and slides of my two talks at the Grazer Linuxtage04.

February 17th 2004

Updates Ahoi...

Bunch of updates here... the design makeover is mostly finished by now. And I updated the About section with some new images.

August 9th 2003

New JOGI project

Well, me and a colleague started a little project in the course of a seminar project at university. It's called JOGI which stands for JavaOpenGroupwareInterface. It is supposed to be a Java API to access the functionality of You can get info about our project at our SourceForge project website.

March 17th 2003

Russian Langmixer dictionary ... script

Well, as promised in the last update, I wrote a Perl script to convert KSocrat russian->english dictionary files to the format that Langmixer needs (as I believe that I cannot distribute the converted data due to license problems).

Now... I should mention, that this doesn't really give you a fully usable russian dictionary for Langmixer, as there are some restrictions with that tool, but you better read the Release Notes on the download page for details.

Oh yeah: I am not a Perl coder, so this script might contain some hilarious blunders concerning proper Perl programming style. If you find any of those, you can keep them, as I don't really care about Perl programming.

January 31st 2003

Langmixer tool

Oooh... nice: I just found this little gem: Langmixer. This little tool plugs into Mozilla and can translate individual words on a web page. It scans through the page and if it finds a word that is in its dictionary (for the set language) it puts the translated word after the original in brackets.
This might not sound too impressive, but it is really a great idea. I have been looking for something like that for some time, since I am currently trying to learn Russian (don't ask why).
For someone learning a new language, this is great: you can read a text in the foreign language, but are not forced to look up words constantly (which is a nuisance even with dictionary software or something like Babylon) and you can

I am currently trying to create russian dictionary for Langmixer. I have spent some hours to get to know the system and to get a sample dictionary (one word) up and ... well running (doesn't sound like much, but as soon as you start working with cyrillic characters, you enter the domain of different character sets... and that is not a sunny place...). Anyway, having overcome these initial problems, I might be ready to go... but I am still lacking proper dictionary data. I have the russian->english dictionary from the KSocrat project, but I suppose I can only use them for myself but cannot give them to the Langmixer project due to license problems.
Hmm... anyway, check back here for further development on this matters. And check out Langmixer.

Nachos Assignments Design Documents

Oh boy... after 4 months of labour the Operating Systems course is finally over. And it was hell...... well, no, not really hell; just a slightly uncomfortable place. I like the idea of Nachos (if you don't know what I mean, check back here in some days (Update 17.03.2003: OK, make that "some weeks"; 80 % of the article are already on my disk, but the rest refuses to leave my head... but it will come.) , I will put up an article describing Nachos), and I haven't written too much code (a couple of hundred lines... a thousand... I don't know), but debugging the code ... ... half the time it was guesswork, the other half was wading through megabytes of logging output tracing each step of the MIPS CPU.
Anyway, I learned a lot and have something to yack about with other Nachos survivors.
AND... to help others that have the work still ahead of them, I put something on this website; no not the source ( a) it's too ugly and b) you have to do it yourself... hehe ). But possibly helpful too are the 36 pages of design documents I wrote for the 3 assignments.. They provide some solutions for the tasks, but leave the details for you.

January 25th 2003

murpheeOnline Relaunch

Well... as you can see from the postings below, this site hasn't really been updated in a while. But this will change, now that I have finally bothered to use XWEB for this site.

Oh yeah, in other news: I put up some programming tool that might interest CS students all over the planet, especially if the word "Nachos" makes them cringe in pain (and not because of a cardiac arrest due to a lifetime of overly fat fast food)...

May 30th 2002


Pfuuh... has it really been 8 months since the last update? Anyway, have a look at Webbuilder. Its basically a frontend for the XWEB with some simple project management. It's only an early prototype, but I will be developing it, as soon as this semester ends.

July 17th 2001


As announced (though a little late), some new stuff here.
HERE you can find an Archive with the source code to the CashRegister; a project for a course in PMP2 (I don't bother translating that now). It basically simulates a CashRegister... somehow.
Most of the work went into the AVL Tree that powers the involved Database. There is also an optimized, Version of that AVL Tree in there, that is pretty f*cking fast because it doesn't use recursion. The Archive contains a README with further infos.
I have to say, that this is not some OpenSource Project I want to start, so don't expect any support or new versions. If you want to use it or parts of it, do it. If you use it in anything important, or if you were able to further improve the AVL Tree's Performance, drop me a mail.

July 6th 2001


Not much happened here, so I didn't update anything. But some new stuff is due next week:
I am going to put some code I wrote for a University project here.
While not interesting for the general public, it might be interesting for fellow PMP2 attendants to review alternative solutions for the CashRegister project.
So, if YOU are interested in this, come back next week (it'll be up latest on friday); I don't put up up now/today, cause I have to figure out, how to get the SourceCode from where I am now...

May. 13.2001

Douglas Adams dead at age 49

OK this is just f*cking sad: Douglas Adams died of a heart attack at age 49!
This news nearly shocked my towel of off me! I had to read the headline 42 times, 'til I had realized it... (proper geeks can find 2 inside jokes, in the last 2 sentances).

In case you don't know him, Adams wrote (among other good books) the greatest trilogy (in five parts) ever written: "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and its successors. The Hitchhiker Trilogy is a must-read for every self-respecting geek (and everyone else!). If you don't know it, go out and by a copy! NOW!! RUN!!!
And after you're done readin', take a look at the online Version of the Guide.

Damn. And thinking, that people like George 'Dubyah' or Wladimir Putin are still alive & healthy...

My deepest condolences go out to his family!
And to Douglas Adams: Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!

May. 02.2001

murphee's Web-Tip:

Take a look at this site.
I was peripherially involved with that Project (programmed the applet, did some consulting). To get the whole experience, you must have Flash, JavaScript and Java enabled and must be able to read German.

Apr. 27.2001

New page on murpheeOnline:

Due to huge demand, I've put up an About Me Page . Everything you wanted to know about murphee (ok, ok no one *really* demanded it, just... it sounds less pathetic...).

Feb. 13.2001

News from the developer Zone...:

A little plugin for jEdit, the greatest Editor around.
Its a preAlpha Version of an SML-Mode for jEdit. Take a look at it

Feb. 12.2001

... back again

puhhh, that was some SpareTime; 7 Months of serious Caffein abuse, chasin' Llamas in Australia (that's a tough one, I tell you!), touring with the Chippendales (sp?) and falling asleep in front ot the TV-Set;
But now murphee's back online and going to update this little websitelet regularly again!