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231days left until 1999 August 18. Today is 1998/12/30.
1999/01/14 currently, 216 days lest for the final event.
Note that 216 = 6 x 6 x 6 ,
pronounced mi-ro-ku in Japanese,
and miroku is the name of the mighty god
who will come to our world to clean-up at Aug.18,1999.
1999/01/31 : 200 days left for the Grand Cross.


111days left until the last day of our civilization with the pole-shift. Today is May 2nd,1999. August 20,1999, Our Earth will rotate to exchange the position of the North pole and the South pole taking 48 hours.

I hope my guess is wrong, but it is very unlikely event, because otherwise Jesus, Buddah, Moses andNostradamus were all wrong. They are all saying the same event on August 18 - August 22,1999.

You may be searching the extraterrestrial intellectual life forms in the space. You may be wasting your time. You can find intellectal life form only if you are using the communication system like theirs.

There is such new physics with super complex variable. Normal 2 complex variable can only explain the flat plane. The direction which you are going is denoted by the real number, and opposite direction was denoted by the negatives of it. This is the 1 dimentional space like a tube.

Gauss(German mathematician) and Galois(French mathematician) realized that if we denote non-related space direction value with imaginary number i, and call it rectangular element, then we can expand the space in to the time because the force in rectangular direction is zero, and no space can act on time.

Famous Einstein did exactly this. And, he encountered the 4x4 matrix element space. However, it was little bit too difficult puzzle for him. It needed more than intellectuality than the braveness.

For exsample, ball makes arch line when we through it into the sky, because there is the gravitational force in perpendicular direction and there is no force activated in the rectangular direction which we call horizontal line direction.

This case, the ball which hit your head is the real, and the horizontal direction which you are going to escape is the imaginary direction. Since it is imginary you can escape to any direction as you want. Ball don't care the direction of your way.

So, this simple real and imaginary ( so called complex variable ) system can be useful in 3 dimentional space as you saw it now. Unfortunately, this extention has the limit with 3 in the normal space. If Einstein did not think only the time part is imaginary, then he could find out the real universal phsycs of the future.

Thinking limitation which dominated Einstein was the 3 dimentional vector space created in the field of electro-magnetic wave equations. These 3 directions are all considesd as the real value holders. However, truth was not there.

The concept of rectangularity ( orthogonality ) is the most advanced concept in the mathematics today. Rectagular means each rectangular element act onto the others with null-effect. Namely nothing happens.

Why a magnet does not pull your hand ? It seems nothing happen. Moving electron induces a magnetic field around it in the rectangular direction so that this newly created magnetic fiels induces moved electron in little distance apart. How small distance is it ?

This infimum distance actually does not exist unless if the electron is not composed of the magnetic field as well. Nothing jump the space without reason. Thus, we must conclude that electric field and magnetic field are not completely rectangular, and mass and time are not completely rectangular also.

Einstein tried to explain the space with conventional 3 directional space. That was his mistake. What he had to do was the conbination of the electro-magnetic field and the mass-time field. This is what Einstein called his Unified Field Theory.

As you know, our world is 3 dimentional space with time, but the electro-magnetic field and the mass-time field are both 2 dimentional wave. Think of the center of the Earth. Sphere around the Earth form a plane which we call the sum of orbits.

One point of this orbit. If you drop a stone at there, this stone exist as a mass and fall down to the center of the Earth. The mass of a stone does not change, but weight changes dramatically. Little stone can hit you and may kill you.

This is due to the gravitational force. Potential enegy of a stone is transformed into the moving energy until stopped by your head. There, it will become heat energy in your brain.

There, we need not think of 3 dimentional space. We can do eveything in terms of 2 dimentions. Same in the electro-magnetic field. Circling electrons in the toy-magnet cause the layer of orbits of magnetic field. Longest of it spans entire universe, because it travels back into the opposite direction.

Hard part of this concept is that how these fiels are acting on each others. We already know most of the theory. You cannot hit the electro-magnetic field. Who can change it is only the time.

Thus, you which is a mass like a stone does not act on the electro-magnetic field, but the time. Then, who will create the mass ? Answer can be only one. The electro-magnetic field, together they create the mass.

We know that the electric field can induce the magnetic field as time goes by, and we know the mass induces the electro-magnetic field as time goes by. So, I wonder why nobody could solve the problem.

Reason was quite simple. Most phsycist did not know about the work of Euler ( Swiss mathematician) who worked mostly in St.Petersburg. Euler extended our complex variable into so called super complex variable with 3 imaginary numbers i , j , k .

It was commutative version of Hamiltonian. Why Euler could not create new physics was that he did not know what was real. Non imaginary the real 1 part was the time. He didn't realize that. So, what was imaginary was our 3 dimentinal space itself.

This may be shock for some of you, if you think that our universe is imaginary space. Sounds like recent science fiction movies. Don't worry ! Imaginary numbers i , j , k are nothing like what you believe. Even time is not what you think.

Mathamatical structure is everything what exist in this universe. You can find it all in the theory of Quaternion by Onihsoy Ijneg.

Who found or say discovered, or better to say, solved the puzzle which mazed Einstein till the end of his life, explained out the universe in 4 elements complex variable, namely the Quaternion. Original Quaternion was non-commutative, and so it was not useful at all.

However, Ijneg found the solution in physics. There is no interference between the electro-magentic wave and the force (mass-time) field. Quaternion shows us how actually the wave travel through space as wave.

Force field is consist of mass and time so that potential enegy does not exist if the time does not exist. Remember any matter to do anything, it must exist for some mili-seconds. Man's mistake was that the matter exists without effort.

The mass was the result of continuous force field.

Count down until 20th August, 1999. The first day which the Sun rises from the West. 1999, August 18th is the last day which the Sun rises from the East. That day, in the Heaven's sky, there will be a sign which was predicted 2000 years ago. The sign was called " the grand Cross " which is a constellation in the sky.
This was predicted by Jesus, 500 years earier by Buddha, and another 1000 years before by Moses, and one more another 1000 years early time, 2500 years before Christ, 3 pyramids of Egypt also predicted exactly the same fate of August 20th, 1999.

August 18th is written as 8/18. This is a division which can be read as 8/18 = 0.44444.....
Similarly, 8 x 18 = 144 which is the height of the 2 great pyramids of Egypt if it was in meter.
144 meter is equal to 144000 mili-meter, and 144000 is the number which appears in the Bible.

2 great pyramids and the chinese character appered in the history about the same time 4500years ago. 3 pyramids of Egypt was designed after 3 stars of Orion belt. Orion is the consterllation for Osiris god which is up-side down now to indicate that once the direction of the North and the South were opposite.

detail : check other sites. 2429 3051 168 369 369-2 map nostradamus-1999

Count down is done by the following reason : these numbers are delt with Buddah and Jesus and also by Moses. To understand you must know the little story written by the later deciple of Buddah saying ;

when the time that human life expectancy is 84000, then it should be 5670000000 years later. ( One should think this is just a quiz for us to solve.) That time, God MIROKU ( can be written 666 in Japanese ) will come to this world with 500 deciples to clean up.

To solve this, you must know

144000 = (6x6x6)x666.6666666..... = (20x8)x(20x8)x5.625 = (18 x 8) x 2 x 500
144000/666 = indicate 6x6x6 = 216, and 6+6+6 = 18
2 days after of 18th of August is 20th of August, and 500 days later
is the last day of the 21st century (31st December, 2000)
where 5.625 = 1.5x1.5x2.5 is the sizes of Moses Arc.

144000 is related to Buddism number 84000 by the relation;

144000/216 = 84000/126 = 666.6666.........
where 216 = 6x6x6 and 126 = 9x14

84000 = (21x8)x500 is indicating that the number of days left is 500
when the Sun start rising from West on 21st of 8th month August,
until the end of 20th century, 31st of December 2000.

Buddism number 5670000000, 84000, and 500 are related to 144000 with the volume of Moses Arc by;

5.625 = 144000/((20x8)x(20x8)) = 5670000000/(84000x(500x24)).

500x24 = 12000 is the hours of 500 days.

From Japan's Shin-to-ism we found 5.625 was the 1/80000 of the volume of Noah's Arc in cubit which is

Noah's Arc
450000 = 300x50x30
= 5670000000/((9x14)x(72+28))
= 80000x5.625 = (20x8)x500x5.625
= (5670000000/84000)x6.66666666666666666......
= 5670000000/(500x25.2) = 1134/0.00252 = 400/0.0008888...
where 252 and 888... are up-side down free number in the calculator, and
in Tokyo, there is a radio station with broad-casting frequency of 1134 kHz.
and 1134x400 = 453600 = 450000 + 3600 where 3600 is the seconds in 1 hour.

Showa epock 45 is 1970A.D. not '72, but who was born in '70 could be now 28 years old.
72 must be the yaers of precession of the Earth.
It takes 72 years for moving 1 degree rotation.
There are 12 zodiac signs so that 360/12 = 30 degree
is the necessary angle to change the zodisc sign.
Thus it takes 72years x 30 degree = 2160 years to next zodiac sign.
2160 = 9 x 14 / 0.1 where 1yard(=year) = 0.914 (officially 0.9144)

144000 is also related to 666 by the equation

144000 = (6x6x6)x666.6666666....... .

Does another pair have the similar relation? It is not that simple.
Note that 18x8 = 144 could be 144 = 12x12 so that it could indicate 12th of December instead. Why not? Recall, this number 144000 was chosen 500 years after the number 5670000000 and 500 were chosen. Since the number 144000 had to indicate the date 500 days before the last day of the 21st century. John had to incorporate 500 and the date 20th of August which is denoted by 20x8. And, it was immpossible. Only solution possible was break down of 2 days. Namely, 18x8x2 to indicate the day of the final event that is 2 days after 18x8. However, this trick is not planned by John, because we have

144000 = (20x8)x(20x8)x5.625 .

Does 20th of August 1999 come twice? And, what is 5.625? 5.625 can be broken down to
1.5x1.5x2.5 = 5.625
which is the cubic size of Moses Arc.
The famous Laiders of the Lost Arc, that was this Arc. Moses was told by god to make a box of the size 1.5 cubit x 1.5 cubit with length of 2.5 cubit. Now we can answer the previous question on Buddism number. It is simple that we have

5670000000/84000 = (500x24)x5.625
84000 = (21x8)x500 is to indicate 500 days from 21st of August, 1999, theSun rises from West
and 500 days later is the 1st day of 21st century, the 1st of January 2001.
500x24 =12000 is the hours of 500 days.

so that the volume of
Moses Arc unites the numbers used in the Christianity and the numbers used in the Buddism;

5.625 = 144000/((20x8)x(20x8)) = 5670000000/(84000x(500x24)).

Nobody knows the exact value of 1 cubit, but many believes 2 cubits is equal to 1 yard = 0.914383 meter. Yard stick seems to have no relation what so ever with meter scale, but if the yard stick was wrong. It is very likely that 1 yard = 0.914 meter because 9x14 = 126 is an anagram of 216 = 6x6x6, and 12x21 = 252 is up-side down free in the calculator. Be sure that god knows the calculators long before human made them.

80000x5.625 = 450000 = 300x50x30, this is the 3 sizes of Noah's Arc. The height 30 cubits, width 50 cubits, and the length 300 cubits. So, Moses Arc was the 1/80000 scale miniature of the Noah's Arc in volume. Thus, Moses is the first recoded deforme miniature artist with exact scaling only in volume ! I would like to call him a dollshouse master.

450000x(9x14)x(72x28) = 5670000000 can be read as the measurement demonstration, because 450000 is the volume in cubits such that 300 cubit length x 50 cubit width x 30 cubit height just like we use today. And, 1 yard = 914 mm, and also 1 meter =100(=72+28) cm.
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