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DEEP IMPACT is comming ! 300 days time,on 22 OCT.,1998.

we will see the sign in the sky.

21st century will come after the comming of 666=369="mi-ro-ku"=Mesia(?). 20th century will end 500 days after 1999,August 20. August is the 8th month so that Aug.,20 = 8x20, and we have 144000=(8x20)x(8x20)x5.625 which means that Aug.,20 will come twice. The meaning of 5.625 is explained in the next section. Jesus said there will be a sign in the sky when the time has come. And, we know that 1999, August 18th, there will be a sign in our solar system. The Grand Cross is comming. And then, 2days later is August 20th. It is the 500 days before year 2000,December 31st, the end of 20th century. Recall, 144000=(8x18)x2x500. Buddha said "mi-ro-ku" will come together with 500 deciples. 500 deciples was 500 days.

You are going to be a few of the persons who will know the future.

There will be a Grand-Cross in our solar system on 18th day of 8th month,August 1999. This will be the last day the Sun rises from the East. 19th will be the day of DEEP IMPACT. We will not see, but the Sun will rise from the West on 20th. 500 days later is the last day of 20th century, 31st of December,2000. Jesus said our time will not last more than 2 thousands years. It was true. His "year" was correct.

Nostradamus said 7th month of year 1999, king of angolmore will come. 7th month is July, but 9th month, September is also 7 = sept in french. Thus, the real 7th month is in the middle August. His "month" was correct.


was what Jesus wanted to teach us when the time matured. There will be tewice August 20th, beacuse of the pole-shift which will cause DEEP IMPACT. 5.625 is the volume of Moses' Arc. God told Moses to make a golden-box sized

1.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 = 5.625

in cubit. Jesus knew the Lost Arc !

Buddha said Mesia will come with 500 deciples to clean-up (with DEEP IMPACT) the world.


8x18 is Aug.,18th. 2 days later is Aug.,20th. From this day,500 days time is the end of 20th century. Jesus incoporated the Moses' Arc and DEEP IMPACT of 19th using the day before 18th and the day after 20th. Jesus reinstated the word of Buddha. Both of them were saying the same.

Buddha's followers are categorized as 10 deciples, 16 deciples, and Miroku's 500 deciples. Obviously, (Aug.,20)=8x20=160=10x16 so that


in japanese. "mann" means 10000, and "hachi" is 8 so that


However, if you ask any elderly people, they will tell you that "hachi-mann" is the name of sherine,hachi-mann-jinja which exist about the same number of all children's school in Japan. At least 20000, and it used to be several hundred thousands 100 years ago. Was this just an accident? No,it is not. It was'nt an accident. It was intended so.

Recall the volume of Moses' Arc 5.625 in cubit. There is one another cubit measure in the Bible. The sizes of mighty Arc of Noah, way back before Moses. Noah's Arc was the height 30cubits, the width 50cubits, and the length 300cubits. It is just like huge modern tanker ship to carry crude oil. The volume of this ship is 80000 times larger than the Moses' Arc!


This means Japanese are the decendants of 10 lost tribes of Israel. To remember their identity when the time has come.It was written in the Bible that they will be hidden until the time. Now,time has come. Modern human species started with Noah's family and this species is facing the final stage now. Who caused all this? Is there anyone to blame? You may find it if you are bi-lingual.

Don't worry!? Stuv is with you?!

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