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RB3D Everyday Squadron

Who shot down Keyboard Man?

Pilot Call Sign: Keyboard Man

True Name: Keyboard Man

Biplane: Sopwith Camel

Weather: Sun Shine

AirBase: Hong Kong Crazy Airport.

Last Duty Date: 2000Apr01

Take off Time: 9:00am (Office Hour)

Time: 9:05am

Report: Keyboard Man didn't visit any cons when at Allied side. And he feel little dull.  Later, he was sleeping on the sky and didn't know that he flew near the German Side

Time: 9:06am

Report: ZzZ zZ zZ zzzz... ( (((WAKE UP!!!))) )Suddendly! One German Fokker DVII flew near Keyboard Man Six!!! O! This was office BOSS!!!!

Time: 9:07am

Report: Check Six! Keyboard Man!!! He was as fast as possible to climb over the Fokker DVII!

Time: 9:07am

Report: But at the same time another office mates were coming, their Fokker DVII was flying at high. They looked at the chance and standby dive to attack Keyboard Man!

Time: 9:07am

Report: All the offices mates used their Fokker DVII dive at Keyboard Man!

Time: 9:08am

Report: Keyboard Man was RuNNIng!!!!!

Time: 9:08am

Report: Too Late~~~ All Office Mates was aim Keyboard Man. At least three pair of GUNS shot at him! ( ((( PING!!! ping!!! PING!!! ping~~~~ ))) )

Time: 9:08am

Report: Poor Keyboard Man~~~ 

Time: 9:08am

Report: Let us use BOSS 's Fokker DVII viewing and look at poor Keyboard Man. Really Poor~~~

Time: 9:09am

Report: After one minutes. The cons still couldn't shot down Keyboard Man. They looked like hadn't the breakfast. WTG! KEYBOARD MAN! RUN! RUN! RUN!~~~

Time: 9:09am

Report: Keyboard Man too UNLUCKY~ His Sopwith Camel was TANK on FIRE!

Time: 9:09am

Report: Keyboard Man was burning and felt very painful! At last he killed by landcarsh!

End of Report

Question: Who shot the last ammo to kill Keyboard Man???

Answer: BOSS!!!! Salute his office's BOSS!!!~~~~

Reason: No Boss! No Office! No Work and then... NO RB3D EVERYDAY!!!!

Salute all RB3D Pilots! And see you all next event, have fun!

Written by: Hong Kong Crazy Guy - Trouble Star.

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