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RB3D Everyday Squadron

Mr Sunday - Deadly Bridge War

RB3D Time: 1917Jul27 01:00pm   RB3D Server: Forget   RB3D Weather: Sun Shine

One SPAD7 fly over the German Side and check the Allied bombing target - Bridge. But the SPAD7 pilot discover one plane near the bridge!
Look! This is Mr Sunday and his Fokker DR1. He land near the bridge and want to ambush the Allied Biplane!
Mr Sunday discover the SPAD7 fly over the bridge and then he is scooting to take off too!
Up up up and away~~~
When Mr Sunday fly high, two Sopwith Tri-planes against him suddendly.
After some turning, Mr Sunday feel he is not easy to fight with two Sopwith Tri-planes. Check SIX!!! Sweat~
Mr Sunday as fast as possible to fly near the bridge.
Mr Sunday look like fly very near the birdge! DANGER!!!! You are too near the BRIDGE!!!!
When that two Sopwith Tri-planes pilots laugh at Mr Sunday will be crash on the Bridge. Suddendly, Mr. Sunday very fast to Climb up his Fokker DR1 and shot at one high Sopwith Tri-plane!
That poor Sopwith Tri-plane's elevators and right wing is damage.
When the Sopwith Tri-plane want to climb high to escape Mr Sunday. But he is stall and down!
OOooo... that Sopwith Tri-plane crash on the ground and very near the bridge!
Another Sopwith Tri-plane pilot see his team mate killed by Mr Sunday. He is very angry and have a bloody shot at Mr Sunday!
Mr Sunday know that Sopwith Tri-plane must attack him. So, he has a super loop from left to right.
Then Mr Sunday very easy turn to that Sopwith Tri-plane high back side and shot it.
A sharp aim! Mr Sunday has a bloody shot to the enemy.
( (((PING! PING! PING!))) ) Help! HeLP! hElp!!! AAAarrrr!!!~~~
Really a painful sound!
Head shot kill the Sopwith Tri-plane pilot and it crash on the bridge!
That poor Sopwith Tri-plane pilot~~~ 
When Mr Sunday want to laugh. A large group of Nieuport 24  fly at high! 1,2,3,4,5.....


All the Nieuport 24 aim to Mr Sunday Fokker Dr1, aim and standby.......................

Mr Sunday turn the biplane nose to the group of Nieuport 24, aim and standby.......

They are all aim and standby.....

Aim and Standby......





(   ( (( ((( F I R E ! ! ! ))) )) )   )


WHAT??!!!??!! and WHO??? !!!!

Really unlucky! Mr Sunday gun has jammed! And two Nieuport 24 GIFT him many good taste ammo!!!
Too Bad!!!! They forget to look at the Traffic Light and have a crazy BIG KISSS (mid-air collide)!!!
CHASO and un-un-unlucky! The German bridge AA-Gun want to help Mr Sunday, but they shot to him too!!!
The FPS is drop down~~
LOOK! That SPAD7!!!
All RB3D Pilots are using the message board and say to that SPAD7 Pilot: 

At last we don't know who is the winner... Because the NET kick all of us logout!

Why disconnection?  When fly RB3D Multi Player. We have a few technical rules. Because the [ALT-S] smoke function will let all the online players FPS drop down and then disconnect.


Salute all RB3D Pilots! And see you all next event, have fun!

Written by: Hong Kong Crazy Guy - Trouble Star.

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