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                                 A CARROT story

Three little cute brother-bunnies were playing outside.
Three little brother-bunnies got hungry. three little brother-bunnies got inside.

"Where is my A-vitamin ?" asked big brother-bunny, in a low tone , as he couldn't find his CARROT.
"Where is my A-vitamin ?" ask other-brother-bunny as he as he couldn't find his CARROT either.
"Where is my A-vitamin ?" asked little-brother-bunny in his high voice, as he very unexpectedly - couldn't find his CARROT to.

The three little brother-bunnies had looked for their CARROT for hours., until finally they found him in his bed - sleeping.

"What are you doing here?" Asked the three brother-bunnies together.
"Sleeping of course" said CARROT. "I run for Mayor, as you know, and I'm taking  it seriously . SO I got a little tired, and went to bed. please wake me up in the morning - I've got a busy day tomorrow." He fell asleep again, with a smile on his face .

 10 very good reasons to vote for CARROT for Haifa City Mayor

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