Ashtavinayaka's  or the eight Swayambhu Ganpati temples of Maharashtra are of great importance and a pilgrimage to the Ashtavinayaka's is very important. Each shrine from the Ashtavinayaka's has its own beauty and legend attached to it.
Shree Mayureshwar / Moreshwar: Situated at Moregaon, 64 Kms. From Pune was built in the 14th century by Morya Gosavi, and according to the legend Ganpati took birth as Mayureshwar riding a peacock to kill Sindhu, son of  Chakrapani who had become powerful by worshipping Surya and was attacking Gods and had imprisoned them in the city of Gandaki. Moregaon is the place where the head of Sindhu fell.
Shree Chintamani: Situated at Theur, 25 Kms. From Pune. Morya Gosavi attained Siddhi here and his son built the temple to commemorate the event. According to the legend King Abhijit and his wife Gunavati had a son called Gana, on his visit to saga Kapila he coveted the Chintamani (wish fulfilling stone) which Kapila used to fulfill his wishes. Kapila refused to part with the stone but Gana took it forcibly, Durga advised Kapila to worship Ganapati. With the powers of the worship Kapila fought and killed Gana, Abhijit returned the jewel to Kapila but he did not it. Ganpati stayed on the spot under the Kadamba tree and called himself Chintamani.
Shree Mahaganpati: Situated at Ranjangaon, 54 Kms. From Pune is known as Mahaganpati or Ganpati the Great. The original idol was very big but was hidden to prevent its destruction and the present day smaller idol was installed instead. As per the legend Tripurasura born from the nostrils of Gritsamada when he sneezed. Tripurasura worshipped Ganpati and conquered the three worlds. Ganpati had told that only Shiva can destroy Tripurasura. The gods went to Shiva who fought Tripurasura but could not defeat him, then Narada told Shiva that he should have worshiped Ganpati beforre he fought Tripurasura, after that Shiva made the apropriate prayer to Ganpati and succeeded, and in gratitude Shiva established Ganpati there as Mahaganpati.
Shree Siddhivinayak: Situated at Siddhatek on the banks of Bhima near Ahmednagar.As per the legend Bramha once created a world with Ganpati's blessings, and while this was going on Vishnu woke up and two fierce demons Madhu and Kaitaba escaped from his ears. Vishnu fought with them for 5000 years, then Shiva pointed out that Vishnu had startedwithout worshippin Ganpati, so Vishnu invoked Ganpati on Sidhatek hilland destroyed the demons successfully and consecrated the spot.
Shree Vighneshwar: Situated at Ozar, 102 Kms. From pune the temple was buil in 1833. The temple is famouse for its Deepmala's and its Golden dome. As per legend King Abhinandana performed many sacrifices to become Indra, Indra on hearing this sent Kala (Time as destroyer) himself in form of Vighnasura to obstruct the sacrifices. At this all the world also halted and suffered, all vedic rites also halted so the Gods prayed to Ganpati, Ganpati defeated Vighnasura making him one of the Gana's, Vighnasura requested Ganpati to use his name as prefix and stay at Ozar, to which Ganpati agreed.
Shree Girijatmaka: Situated on a hill on the banks of Kukdi river at Lenyadri, the temple can be reached after climbing up 283 stairs. As per the legend Parvati wanted a son, so she did penance for 12 years to Ganpati who was born as a child to her, the Deity faces south and is sacred because Ganpati's thread ceremony was performed here.
Shree Ballaleshwar: Situated at Pali 38 Kms. From Khopoli. The temple was named after devotee Ballal as Ballaleshwar to whom Ganpati reveled himself at this sacred spot. The wooden Temple is so constructed that on the two equinoxes, the rays of the sun fall derectly on the diety.
Shree Varad Vinayak: Situated at Mahad, 20 Kms. From Khandala is known as Shree Varad Vinayak the bestower of blessings.

The information about other Ganpati temples will soon be added.


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