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Some Facts about Boys And Girls..
N'joy the Difference.
If boy laughs, He is MANNERLESS
if girl does so, she is JOLLY.
If a boy talks to much,he is CHATTERBOX,
If a girl does so she is WITTY.
If boy loves silence,he is DULL, If a girl loves
it,she is SERIOUS.
If boy looks at a girl he STARES, If a girl looks at a boy,
she gives GLANCE.
If a boy wears a unique dress,he is a JOKER, If a girl does
so, it's a FASHION.
If boys move together,they form a GANG, If girls do so,
they form a GROUP.
If a boy initiates a conversation,
If girl does so,she is INTERESTED.
U accept it or not but this is the ultimate truth...
Not fair........
Ek Bechara
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