mSELL from December 12 2008 5:03:52PM - I'll probably contact you about the empty 2x12 cab after Christmas. If you take any more pictures of it please send them my way. Thanks
mSELL from December 12 2008 11:30:22PM - i might be interested by your danelectro delay ! where do you live ?


cSINGER from December 11 2008 2:15:53AM - If you have an email address I'd love to send you some info about myself. Unfortunately I cant type much of a response to your ad on this website...If you're still looking for someone let me know and I'll send you a resume or musical background I suppose. Goodnight! Sam


SELL from December 14 2008 1:39:50PM - Hi!! Will you ship the TS9 to Quebec city?? I can offer 150$ to have it shipped with Canada Post Xpresspost and would pay C.O.D. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!! Mat

I would be terribly gulible if I were to ship COD to ANYONE!!! Send me a money order or bank draft for $150. This thing is BRAND NEW & really wails...

LOOPERS from December 15 2008 1:32:48PM - I have a like new RC2 that I can let go for $120. Dont have the box and no adaptor included. If interested, call Yvon 514-717-3953
LOOPER from December 15 2008 10:26:26PM - i m alsa looking for a loop station did you find one and tell me if you know someone who s got one for sale. thank denis

Hi Denis, I was just in town & got an RC20. Try this guy who has an RC2 for $120 - Yvon 514-717-3953 If you get it tell me, as I'd be curious to compare the differance between the 2 units! - Michael :)

cSELL/TRADE from December 15 2008 5:22:16PM - Hey, I have a line on some Celestion g12k 85's (8ohm) if you are interested. I also have an eminence 15" 8 ohm I am selling. Shawn --- December 15 2008 5:25:15PM - hey, also, the 2x12 cab, was it a fender product? Twin reverb etc? Shawn

I wouldn't be interested in the Celestion's unless they were a REALLY good price, details? My 2x12 monitor cab is homemade VERY solid, not covered, no grill...

SELL from December 16 2008 9:54:20AM - Salut ! Je pourrais être intéressé par ton Lexicon LXP1. Est-il en parfait état ? L'as-tu acheté neuf ? si oui quand ? Cet appareil a-t-il 2 input et 2 output ?peut-il être utilisé comme deux reverb mono différent ? as-tu le manuel d'instruction ? Dans quel coin de Montréal demeures-tu, moi je suis à Dorval dans l'ouest ? Merci

>>> Mon Lexicon LXP1 est un peut magane, mais fonction bien. Pas de livre, mais ca etres facile a utiliser. 2 input et 2 output, mais jus en stereo. Je pense il ya pas des reverb sur la marche avec qui tu peut être utilisé comme deux reverb mono différent... Quand tu veut parler, les moi ton #

SELL from December 17 2008 8:51:33PM - Hi The Super Shifter Boss and Flanger Boss are Sold ? I'm intested for some analog gear for guit, you have some ?

SELL from December 19 2008 2:20:03PM - Bonjour, Puis-je venir çe soir après le travaille. Ou peu-ton çe rencontrer quelque par pour acheter la pedal Digitech Tone Driver. Merci

CYMBALS from Cristian Margineanu December 22 2008 10:24:15PM - Hi, I have a sabian b8 ride, make me a offer, i'm not asking much ... Cristian M. 514-835-6881

>>> Hi Cristian, I'm long distance from you, so just tell me how much you'd want for your b8 ride... Were you looking to trade for anything? Where are you near?

Re:b8 ride December 24 2008 12:31:11AM - Hello, i would like to have around 30-40 $ or one/ two stand, for scores or for cymbals ... if you have something else, let me know Cristian M. ( H4K 2H4 )

>>>24 Dec 2008 11:54:29 - Hi Cristian. I probably have a music stand somewhere. How's $20 & the stand for your cymbal? But I'm near Cornwall so I may not be in Mtl for another month or so, unless you happen to be passing by here sometime. something else? I have a Black Westburry tom (not) sure of the size, that we could make a straight trade for. What else were you looking for? I won't have email access for part of the hollidays. I'll be at my Moms place then (613)936-6961

Re:stand/cymbal 25 2008 2:31:37AM - Oki no problem, i can wait, let me know when you're around.If you want, i could also take the stand for the cymbal and the music stand (for partitions) in exchange of the rideCristian M.514-835-6881

>>>stand December 27 2008 1:24:36PM - Well, I'd need a stand to put the ride on... Although I don't really need a heavy duty boom stand, so if you had 2 average stands that you'd want to trade for my boom stand, no problem... Are you in a band? I'm looking for a bassist & drummer. Have you been to any of the jam nights on the West Island? Michael

>>>ps December 29 2008 3:02:22PM - What size is you ride cymbal? Is it a full ride, or a crash/ride?

Re:ps December 30 2008 12:03:47AM - Its a Full ride, 20" Sabian B8 Ride

Michael John Pro Drummer/Vox Dec 12 2008 11:32PM - Hello wondering if you are still searching for a pro experienced drummer/vox for your group. I recently moved to Merrickville. Played for years in Ottawa-Hull as a lead singer and as a drummer in over 27 groups. Pro gear (high end) production, recording, touring experience in many aspects of the pro entertainment industry. Have a great Christmas and New Years! My website:

linepoirier December 26 2008 12:15:36AM - i want 1 tubeworks rt-902.i ll give u 150$.leave me your phone no and i ll pick it up as soon as friday if you can

$150? OR: you could pay me $160 & save the bother of looking for a $10 bill :) I live near the Ontario/Quebec border. Will be in Mtl in a few months, maybe earlier, unless you'll be passing by here...

Re:tubeworks rt-902 December 29 2008 8:16:02PM - where exactly or you could sell it to me for 140$ and ship it c.o.d by canada would be around 30$ with insurance .that would be o k for both of us.what do you think??

>>>December 30 2008 2:52PM Subject: COD - If I'm not willing to drop the price by $10, then I certainly wouldn't be willing to loose $20 to mail it COD to a stranger off the net... Are you a musician, or a comedian? :) Where are you near? Buyer usually pays shipping, once I have a bank draft.

Re:COD December 30 2008 8:15:29PM - keep it!!

cCYMBALS from December 29 2008 3:43:09PM - Where are you stationned? Interested in the drummer gig...

mSELL from December 29 2008 8:51:11PM - est-ce que le emg-H vient avec tout ce qui est écri sur le site

>>>Je vendre jus le pick-up, tu peut attacher come n'importe quelle autre pickup...

oRAT from January 1 2009 12:00:36PM - still got the Boss PS5 ?

Yes, I still have the Boss PS5 $160

oRAT from January 2 2009 11:19:31AM - Hi, Is the Nanoverb still available, please? If so, where & when can it be checked out? cash is waiting! Nipper

>>> Yes, I still have the Nanoverb $100 I'm near Cornwall, but sometimes I'm at the McHaffie Flea Market in Morrisburg.

oSELL from January 3 2009 1:27:20PM - Where are you located?

oRAT from January 3 2009 1:29:32PM - I just noticed you are a block from me.I live at kent and gloucester.I would like to have a peak at the pedals you have.

>>> Hi, thanks for responding to my kijiji ad. I live near the Ontario/Quebec border, around Cornwall.

COMPUTER from January 2 2009 6:29:39PM - I noticed your add, I can't really help you with you computers though I know quite a lot but not enough to help you. I am wondering how much you charge to teach piano. In march I am planing to take some lessons and need to know how much and who can teach me. I would like to learn Classical if you are capable. My skill level is almost no existing but i know the basics about music the notes on a staff and i could probubly find middle c but thats about all. so if you are interested can you please tell me how much per lesson and maybe how I can get hold of you in march. Thanks Ian MacMilan

Hi Ian, thanks for responding to my kijiji ad. Lessons are $20 per hour. I like Classical, but play popular music, though I can teach you your basic chords etc. Michael

LEFT from January 2 2009 10:47:02PM - Would you like a Ibanez EW-20L? It's as new. I bought it $420 before taxes. Lets say it is for you at 375$. Barely used... I've just bought this 1966 righty Danelectro Convertible that I play upside down, and I don't use it anymore.
COMPUTER from January 3 2009 9:41:59AM - I crack programs turn unpaid copies into paid copies. what it looks to me is u need fruity loops. anyhow email me i build em and program em.
cSELL from January 2 2009 9:02:23PM - i see a rat stomp box distortion in the pics do you have that pedal or is it just a picture.

Hi, the rat in my kijiji add is sold, though I have several other distortions.

cSELL from jay w January 3 2009 10:02:01PM - hey, I'm starting to building a new rack for my setup. So i'm interested in the tubeworks real tube system and the digitech multi effects system, now i'm running a Hughes and Kettner Warp 7 head(non tube), threw a Behringer 4x12 cabinet with Celestion 70/80's. I'm set on the digitech multi effects unit because my amp is as basic as they come, only added feature other then the your eq is a presence control witch just brightens up the tone. So i want somethig that will add delay, reverb, flanger etc. So will the real tube unit give me a little more drive that will sound similar to a tube amp? Or am i better of with the ibanez ts9 pedal? thanks for you time.

>>>Subject:tubeworks & digitech Sun 4 Jan 2009 14:53:31 - Hi, the tubeworks real tube system and the digitech multi effects system (delay, reverb, flanger etc), are nice combination :) the real tube unit *IS* a tube, so yeah, it'll give you the *real* tube sound... Call me & I can bring them over for you to try. Michael (613)936-6961 PS: I'm going out of town tomorrow

RE:tubeworks & digitech January 4 2009 10:46:35PM - Hey. At this point i'm mainly interested in the Real tube system, and might consider the digitech system at a later date(only so much budget). How would i run that? in the front of my amp, or threw the effects loop? And whats your best price on the unit? thanks for your time.

mSELL from January 4 2009 3:43:58AM - Are the "TUBEWORKS" REAL TUBE RT-902 racks still available ? Are you asking $160 for both ? Thx, Antoine

>>>Subject:REAL TUBE RT-902 Sun 4 Jan 2009 14:46:35 - Yes the "TUBEWORKS" REAL TUBE RT-902 rack is still available, $160 for one.

RE: REAL TUBE RT-902 January 5 2009 12:41:56AM - Ok... I'm looking for a RT-902 for my brother who wants one. He told me he will wait to find a deal because he does not want to pay above $100. In my opinion, $160 is a little expensive. I personaly think that $120-130 would be a reasonable amount, but my bro sticks with the idea that the cost should not exceed $100. In case you can accept such an offer, just let know. Regards, Antoine

$160 January 5 2009 3:33:53PM - $160 is less than half of what it is new. Mine is the rackmount, he'd be *lucky* if he got the pedal for $100... I'd *consider* dropping the price if you/he took somthing else with it. My keyboard case is homemade & VERY solid!!! no metal like on an ATA road case... I'll try to make pics

cB&D from January 4 2009 2:18:48PM - Hello, Are you still looking for a bassit? Have a good one! Frank 613.363.1211
mB&D from January 5 2009 8:06:12PM - Hi. sorry my english are not perfect! i ^play drum, bit of guit and keys whit vocals...32 years...i have my perssonal room whit all pro gear. Good feel and groove...tight and dynamic...aprox 150 show...pop, rock, soul, funk, blues...alternatif... give a call take a chance! Dom 514-910-0862

1 Know a good bassist?

mB&D from January 5 2009 9:40:25PM - Hi Just follow the link below: (514)271-8041 paget (514)204-6667

B&D from January 6 2009 8:32:35AM - Salut, Bassiste, bonne expérience de scène. Artists & tunes i'm into : same as yours. Availability : libre le vendredi soir pour répéter. Family : one lovely baby girl and a lovely wife. Age : 42. Location : Ile-des-Soeurs. General music goal : 1 gig a month. Merci

mBASSIST from January 7 2009 11:14:16AM - I did the single with Felix Pappalardi while he was producing Clapton and have also done several Top 40 chart singles with Corky Laing from Mountain. If you don't have $12 to rehearse at Economik every 2 weeks don't answer me - I don't finance cold sessions based upon what you do in your basement.
oB&D from January 8 2009 8:14:38PM - I am mostly into top 40 classic type rock. Am very much avail weekday evenings for rehearsing and weekend gigs. I am 44 and am in search of an established band that is serious about practicing and gigging. I am living in the south keys area. Cheers R/R

1 2 3

mSELL from January 8 2009 6:56:48PM - Salut, je serais interressé par le tube works rt-902. j'ai une crash zildjian 18 pouces et quelque $, que je t'offrirais en echange ... Karl

7 8

mSELL from January 8 2009 11:10:23PM - Hi, I'd like your Boss PS-5. I have the Boss Legends series. Boss Fender Deluxe with reverb and vibrato OR the Boss Fender Bassman pedal available. Thanks, RIchard in Pointe-Claire


mSELL from January 9 2009 10:53:39AM - I am interested on the Lexicon LXP-1. Can pick it up today. Call me 514-758-3250


RE:u tube? 12/13/2008 9:10:25PM - Sorry for taking so long to return your message: You can see the videos on You Tube if you look under "Mix-It-Up Productions" I have 4 videos: "Femmes", "Wind Beneath" "Let's get loud" and "Mother America". Let me know what you think :) Anna images
Subject: RE:u tube? 12/8/2008 4:58:57PM Hi, I couldn't find femmechakra on 'you tube', are you singing there? Or can I hear you on another site? Are you in a band now? What kind of places do you play? - Michael
From: harmonyincircles (View Profile) RE:sing? 12/7/2008 7:53:01AM - Hi, Well i've been singing professionally for over 6 years. I enjoy singing the old time favorites Crazy, Fever, as I'm a professional dancer as well I teach dance so anything that moves.... If you're interested you can reach me at hotmail at I have a few videos on you tube. Thanks for the inquiry, Anna images
Subject: sing? 12/4/2008 4:32:36PM Hi, what kind of tunes are you into & how serious are you about singing?
To save time when you reply, please list: - your band/stage experience - what artists & tunes you're into - your availability (job, family, etc) - your age, general location & musical goals Hi. I'm a guitarist with over 20 years stage/studio experience. Good at singing harmony & solid on lead vocals, serious about doing music & ready to get on stage ASAP. I know 100's of cover tunes (rock/top-40/R&B/blues), but also write originals. What songs do you play & where do you rehearse? It would be easier if we could just talk by phone :) Leave me your # & the best time to reach you. Je parle Francais aussi...
This will give you an idea of what I've done, though some singers are not as good as others. I have a lot of new stuff ready to record: 1 Hi. You're long distance from me. Hi, thanks for responding to my kijiji ad. Please tell me specific songs that you've played, bands that you're into & more about your stage experience, goals, etc. Are you playing with anyone at the moment? Do you have a page where I can hear you? What's your availability? (job, family etc...) Your Age? Location? Thanks =M= 2 To be honest I'm not looking to do a lot of rehearsing, as I've played the repertoire enough times to know what works & what doesn't. My goal is to get on stage as soon as a bassist & drummer know the tunes. Do you know a good/available bassist drummer? 3 Do you have a car? I live near the Ontario/Quebec border (east of Cornwall) & have an equiped rehersal space, with bass amp & drums (home made cymbal stands, *NO* cymbals). PA, mic stands & cables (just bring your mic). 4 I'm near Cornwall, but sometimes I'm at the McHaffie Flea Market, in Morrisburg. I'll be there this Sunday. Booth 44/45. Michael 5 Hi , did you get my last email? Tell me more about your repertoire, experience, goals etc... 6 Hi, thanks for responding to my kijiji ad. I live near the Ontario/Quebec border, but will be in Mtl in the next few months. Leave me your #, the best time to reach you. What general area are you in? - Michael 7 Hi. Thanks for responding to my kijiji ad. But I'm not really interested in the items that you have to trade for my . Sorry, but I'd only want to spend about $ for ... But cash will do just fine :) 8 Salut. Je parle Francais, mais ce ettait plus facile pour moi pour ecrire en Englais :) I do rock/top-40 with funk, jazz & progressive influences. Lots of dynamics & nothing too heavy. Think Floyd meets Hendrix, with a slight funk/jazz edge. I know 100's of cover tunes, but also have lots of strong, completed, marketable original songs. Call me after 8:30pm Michael 613-936-6961 Pour avoir d'info sur moi, alez ici: For more info, go here: André Castonguay 514-578-3757 Matthew 514-768-2839 (pro)
www.angelfire.comco/shinecat Montreal k0c1n0 Ottawa k0c1n0 Cornwall H9B 3L7 (Dol) H9B 3L9 H9X 3L9 (StA)