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Welcome to the Sailor Moon Temple!!

This is just the begining of my growing home page. I will be updating it every weekend, hopefully. Don't forget to e-mail me with your comments!! Please come back soon!!

Last Updated - 4/23/03- All right everyone, in support of DJ-LeVeL-99 and his 24 hour l337 broadcast, I'm getting this song up for him. Enjoy!

I am also still taking requests for sites to be put on my upcoming links page. If you have a Sailor Moon site, let me know and I'll see about putting it in my links!

I would like you all to know that I am taking requests on what pictures I should add to my page. Please e-mail me with your suggestions and/or a pic if you want.

If you are looking for a quote, you have got to see this page!
Inspiration Of My Heart

Check out my friend Kyle's new site!!

My best friend has redone his webpage! This is awesome!!

I have many picutres from the series, and I am getting new ones all the time. Check them out!!

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I have a guest book!! Please sign it if this is your first time, or if you would like to include a comment about my page.

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The song you should be hearing in the background is

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