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General Tools

General tools are located in a toolchest inside the front door of the trailer. Tools for electronics and computers are located here, along with small tools for truck and trailer maintenance.

From here, there is easy access from either inside or outside the trailer.

Heavy Duty Floor Jack

A heavy duty floor-style jack is carried in an external compartment of the trailer to assist in maintaining wheels and tires.

It can also assist in lifting heavy objects.

Air Compressor

Since 110 volt power is available at all times, an air compressor is stored with the floor jack in an external compartment of the trailer. The compressor may be used to furnish air for tires on the trailer or tow vehicle.

Charging Station

A charging station for emergency flashlight, portable sweeper and other batteries which need charging was constructed on a wall beside the refrigerator, centrally located for convenience.

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Last Update: 2/1/99