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The Question: Why do you believe it is classics in art?

The Answer: Because Color and Sound are the principal ideas of art and their connection is the great harmony. Try to find another artist having made more in art for the whole history.

The Question: Were not there any other artists and composers who tried to connect color and sound?

The Answer: When you learn the essence of the of the discovery, you will understand everything was before was only miserable attempts and nothing more. This discovery put everything in its place.

The Question: Is there any guarantee that everything you are speaking about is made first in the world?

The Answer: The Patent RU 2118556. No classical artist confirmed his discoveries by patents. You may dispute the discoveries of Picasso, Fontana, Andy Warhol, but you may not dispute this. The patent is a guarantee that everything I did will never be disputed.

The Question: Is there any guarantee that these pictures will rise in price?

The Answer: It was verified by all the human history. The distinguished creatures of art always rose in price. It was probably because of that there are always few of them and there are always lots of they who want to have them. There exists a wish to have the very best art as well as there exist an aspiration for riches. Both of these things are in human nature. And it will not change soon.

The Question: What does picture 'ZOOM' mean?

The Answer: It means only that the violet part of the SPECTRUM corresponds to note E (if A of the first octave has a frequency of 440 cycle per second) and it is just this what was discovered by the author. It is possible that soon, they will begin to tune all musical instruments the other way, according to the suggestion of the artist and it will correspond to the only objective human reality, i.e. the SPECTRUM. So, the frequency of 440 cycles per second will correspond to D sharp; then color of note E will change into yellow. But this work reflects the color of note E at the moment of creation this work, i.e. 1999. Change of the color only emphasizes importance of the discovery.

The Question: But the picture does not evoke any emotions.

The Answer: There is neither any new form nor any new portrayal here. There is only a new conception, the conception of the exact conformity of sound and color. In real fact, when you learn feeling that violet corresponds to note E and the other color - to the other sound and, on the contrary, when seeing a color you can hear it, then the Ocean of Senses will open for you. Can you see small violet oval on the first line in the notation? In spite of its dimensions, it contains not only the 300 years' history of the human intellect but also a lot of human (and not only human!) senses.

The Question: You could show not only your formula but also application of it, for example, for to depicting some sounds.

The Answer: In my early works, I did just this way, that is depicted different sounds: mewing of the cat, barking of the dog. But then, I decided to keep the most working and most useful part of my discovery. And I named it 'conceptual minimalism', i.e. to destitute only my formula, not application of it. Letting the rest of the world to apply it.