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Autumn in New England

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Page has moved. Click here for updates.

Since winter is more or less here in New England this site may be outdated. I will update it next summer. Until then... Happy Fall!


If you live in New England your favorite season is probably Autumn. The wonderful colors, flavors, memories, and smells. Although Summer is my favorite season, fall is definately my second choice! Our family always enjoy apple picking, the country fairs, pumpkin carvings, and of course the changing of the leaves!

In the fall the summer humidity is replaced with clear and crisp air. If you are going to camp in the fall you are definately going to want your furnace in your pop-up tent camper to be in top shape!

New England Fairs & Festivals

Enjoy a New England Country fair! There are MANY different food choices. First of all there is fried dough (our familys favorite), sausage and peppers, home made french fries, onion rings, apple crisp, New England Clam Chowder, Pie Ala Mode, canied apples, home made fudge, etc. We have saw many different food choices. The Deerfield fair even had lobster rolls and fried clams. Plus there are amusement rides for the kids and many games.

If that doesn't interest you then maybe you'd be interesting in seeing many different types of animals including: cattle, oxen, pigs, rabbits, horses, sheep, etc. Some fairs have horse races, petting zoos, vegatables judging, flowers judging, etc. You'll probably get to see the biggest pumpkin in the area too!

There are always vendors there. We usually find great deals on nice warm sweatshirts, craft items for sale, and other miscellaneous items.

Some times there are milking or butter demonstrations too. So check the schedule.

We were in the area last year but the weather didn't co-operate so we missed the Fryeburg Fair. We hope to catch it this year. It is our favorite fair.

Tips & Guidelines

Here are some tips to use at your own risk

Update 10/4/99: We enjoyed the Deerfield Fair this past Sunday. We brought along rain jackets, sweaters, and sunglasses and used all three! The sprinkles were replaced with bright warm sunshine as the afternoon went on. We went with a friend and her pre-teen. We ended up getting separated and had trouble finding them. Luckily the Deerfield Fair had a paging system that works. The traffic was great this year. We arrived early (10:30am) and left at 4pm. The town of Deerfield has their act together because parking and traffic was not a problem at all. For kids and collectors, there were several vendors selling Pokemon cards and Ty Beanie Babies.

For food there was everything from Lobster Rolls to hot dogs. However the prices were slightly higher this year. It is now $3 for a piece of fried dough and $1 for a can of coke compared to $2.50 and $.75 in years past.

Have a tip to add here? Send me e-mail.

Upcoming Fairs & Festivals

Apple Picking

Update 9/20/99: Well we got our apple picking in for the season. Drew Farms was very busy but very accomodating. Some of the apples (i.e. Red delicous and golden delicious) were not ripe yet but the McIntoshes taste great! Don't forget your camera and watch your step. There are a lot of fallen apples on the ground. Prices at Drew Farms this year are $12 for a 1/2 bushel of apples and $7 for a peck (or you can get 2 pecks for $6 each) which worked out well for our 2 older children.


Drew Farms - Westford, MA - Very friendly staff, ride up to the picking area, great choices, a yearly treat for our family!

Red Apple Farm -Phillipston, MA

CN Smith Farm -E. Bridgewater, MA

Lookout Farm - S. Natick, MA, Great Web Site, Animal Farm, Looks like a fun place to bring the kids!

Massachusetts Pick Your Own Apples Site

Honey Pot Hill - Stow, MA, Hayrides, Petting Zoo, Pumpkins, and more

Pumpking Picking at Tougas Farm - Northborough, MA

New Hampshire

Elliot & Williams Farm - Dover NH

Emery Farm - Durham, NH - They have apples pre-picked. Looks like they have activities for kids (i.e. Pumpkin Patch Hayride, Haunted Barn, etc.)

Sunnycrest Farms - Londonderry & Concord, NH. Pick your own starts September 4, 1999.

J.E Smith Farm -Center Barnstead, NH

Leaf Peeping and Fall Fun

Fall Foliage Hotline

Starting September 14, 1999, these hotlines will give you the latest information about the fall foliage in the area including percentage of color, where best viewing is, expected peak dates. Updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

1999 Peak Dates

New England Fall Foliage Links

Pumpkin Fun

Each year we go pick out our pumpkins. We usually pick a place where we can get a real Hay ride to the pumpkin patch. The kids then choose their own pumpkins. We try to go as close to Halloween as possible because we have found out that buying a pumpkin in early September usually rots in early October.

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