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The Truth

Since 1992,Master Huang Cheng Zhang has viewed with concerh the public's reception of the developments in the Qigong arena. Qigong is actually the natural science of harmonising human beings with the universe . It is esentially an experiential, not just an intellectual discipline. However, in 1995, a group of people have been condemning Qigong as a false science for their own benefits and motives. During this period in the Qigong arena, there appeared many unhealthy phenomena ...such as the deification of impostors or unskilled Qigong practitioners.In fact there were cases whereby Qigong practitioners and writers were exploiting their position by selling books and so called "Qigong products", thus swindling the working class of their hard earned money. Currently, the public has been duped by demonstrations of  "magical" powers by impostors in monk's robes,resulting in more confusion, especially among the genuine Qigong supporters.

In 1996,Q igong practice reached its nadir. For example, Chen Fa Huang, a qigong Master in Xian International Qigong Training College, only managed to get four attendees registered after one mongh of publicity. Zhang Shao Bao, another Qigong Master ,volunteered to conduct 10 Qigong seminars in Xian Province but only 7 people registered for Qigong classes. The same lack of response was evident everywhere.We can infer that at that point in time, the public adopted a "wait and see"attitude due to suspicions and dissatisfactions towards Qigong.

Despite the chaotic situation, the founder of China Universe Qigong(CUQ),Master Huang Cheng Zhang, had decided to the image of Qigong and to regain the public's trust.Healing sessions for specific illnesses were conducted so that people can judge for themselves the effectiveness of the treatment.

To prevent gullible people from being cheated ,Master Huang has strongly recommended the philosophy of"effective then credible Qigong"i.e.the public has to experience its effectiveness personally to find out or whether Qigong science is real or fiction per se.

Oct 1,1996 in Xian, China.


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