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Recommendations and Precautions

It is unfortunate that the image of the practice of Qigong has been tarnished by the actions of unscrupulous Qigong practitioners. Some practitioners with mediocre skills but with connections and resources have fooled the public and made handsome profits by launching lavish advertisingcampaigns and publishing books.This has resulted in confusion, and criticisms have been levelled indiscriminately towards the practice of Qigong, even to the extent of it being labelled a "false science". Skills refer to how accurately, forcefully and fast the techniques are executed.The making of a master depends on the depth of his skills,not the extent of his techniques.

Here are some points to consider:

1)If a Qigong master or founder cannot heal himself,then that raises doubts of his authenticity and skills.

2)Take a lood at his appearance.While we cannot judge a book by its cover,it would be reasonable to expect a high level practitioner of Qigong to practise what he preaches.i.e he should enjoy good health- physically ,emotionally,mentally and spiritually.

3)The two tenets of Qigong that a master holds in high esteem is morality and compassion for fellow human beings. So, if the Qigong practitoner has gained financially from the practice,has he used some of the proceeds for the good of mankind, or has it all been lavished upon himself?

4)Regardless of how a Qigong master attains his high level i.e via diligent cultivation or as an `inborn gift',he should possess good virtues lide a sense of humour,kindness and gentleness. His innate sense of modesty and humility would not allow him to seek deification. Nowadays, we can witness this unusual phenomenon whereby the impostors dare to brag whilst the genuine ones dare not tell the truth, except via hints.This has compounded the confusion.

5) Observe the practitioner's words and actions ,character and lifestyle. Generally, the inborn Qigong master is not choosy about his diet antd does not lead an extravagant lifestyle.The "self made"  Qigong master may choose to be a vegetarian but that is by no means a good indication of superiority in mastery of skills or spirituality.

6)Generally,the high level Qigong masters lead simple lives.They tend to need less food, sleep and sex. Some may refrain from sex altogether. They try to uphold their virtues and maintain a high moral standard. The impostors on the other hand,may claim to possess"God -like"powers and seek to deceive people for financial gains.

7)A"highly achieved master"is not interested in mundane things like material possessions, status, wealth, sexual desire,power and will treat everyone equally and wity kindness.

8)A"highly achieved master"dresses simply, is youthful in appearance and has a serene demeanour as he has attained a higher dimension (enlightenment)and thus has changed his outlook on life.He has inner strength and is not quick to anger. As Chairman Mao Zedong said :"People support a man with integrity."So do not miss the opportunity if you meet such a person.

9)The philosophy of "effective then credible"should be applied to judge the healing effects of Qigong. It is unrealistic to expect to be healed immediately .Generally,one would expect to observe some reaction or positive benefits within one to five days.However,if it takes 20 to 30 days,it can be deemed to be slow. One must exercise one's discretion when following a Qigong method.If you do not use "effective then belivable"as a yardstick and is deceived in the process, you cannot condemn Qigong per se as ineffective.

10)For the sake of health and safety be warned that certain Qigong practices can lead to deviations . Examples of symptoms are uncontrolled emotional outbursts and abnormal behavior which may lead to insanity.

Listen to your own responses, use your own intuition ,instioct and judgement.

Note : This article was published in:-
May98-China Qigong Newsletter
August98-china Qigong Science Magazine
Sept98-World Medical Qigong Journal

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