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The Mass Healing Power of China Universe Qigong

A high level Qigong Master can create a Qi field on a large scale for group healing. The participants, both healthy or with illnesses will benefit from the mass healing.The Qigong Master will bring everyone's Qi (both internal and external) into play and attune
everyone's mind projections to attain synchronous vibrations.The master will emit External Qi which can:

1) Unblocd and cleanse the meridians to achieve harmonious and balanced Qi flow to restore the yin- yang balance.

2) Tap into and utilise the Qi of the masses gathered to restore their health by expelling "sicd" or "evil" Qi within seconds.

3) Qigong's forte is preventing and curing organic or degenerative diseases which are a result of blocked and disrupted Qi Flow. In certain cases, during just one session,the master can successfully heal the patients of benign tumour and visceral calculus.The results are tangible.For e.g.the scleroma which can be felt with the hands before treatment,would diminish or disappear after treatment.In the case of visceral calculus ( the gallstones,for instance),severe pains can be gradually alleviated,leading to total disapperance of the illness within 2 weeks.

4) Healthy people will benefit from the synchronous vibrations as it will harmonise their internal Qi and in certain cases may help thim develop supernormal human capability.

5) Patients with obscure illnesses recovered without them realising it during mass healing sessions.

6)The master will use the "Heavenly Secret Recipe"to heal obscure illnesses as well.

For some cases,the curative effects of Qigong could not be met by the most advanced medical treatment. This could be due to Qigong's holistic approach. That is why scientific research into Qigong is fast gaining recognition throughout the world.

China Universe Qigong works wonders!

Huang Cheng Zhang.
03 June 1992


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