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    An Interview
             Qigong - An Evaluation of the
                   Present and the Future

by Major Hu Jia Xiang

Is Qigong, and the development of Extraordinary Human Feats (EHF) a "false science"? This was a hot topic of debate in this country during early 1995 .

In my desire to discover the ways and means to promote the healthy development of Qigong in China , I personally paid a visit to the founder of CUQ, Master Huang Cheng Zhang. The contents of the interview are reproduced as follows : -

Q. What is your opition on the argument put forward by a group of people in early \95 that  Qigong and EHF are just "false science".?

A.I am of the view that the arguments have resulted in some constructive reactions among the Qigong practitioners.They had to reassess their situation and conduct scientific research to support their view i. e .prove the existence of Qi and the phenomena of ehf.

Q.Do you think Qigong and EHF are"false sciences"?

A.I do not agree with such a statement. Ipersonally believe that Qigong is one of the most valuable heritage of our nation and culture.We are talking about a high level of natural science that involves humankind and the universe.If both are in balance and harmony, we can avoed or reduce many disasters.
This is an area of science which encompasses the knowledge accumulated in the field of medicine, health ,meteorology and etc.The popular scientist,Dr Qian Xue Sen refers to it as"the
science of man and universe" .This statement is profound and carries the ultimate divine secret.However, many people do not understand fully the meaning thereof,and coupled with the lack of thorough research,they chose to deny the existence of EHF and Qigong`s effectiveness.To quote an analogy, we cannot deny the existence of oxygen and electrons just because we cannot touch or see it.The study of Qigong and EHF still requires thorough research and documentation of proof in terms of personal experience or testimonials. Ignorant people who choose to condemn Qigong to gain personal rame are not thinking of the welfare of the people.Qigong and EHF cannot be determined as false arbitrarily.Ihave personally healed numerous patients suffering from heart diseases, bronchitis, gastero intestinal diseases and women with menstrual problems ,etc.In certain cases,patients have been cured after  2-3 minutes of Qi emission and the "heavenly secret recipe"treatment.It has been scientifically accepted as a fact that EHF is possible and Qigong is effective.

Q.Does"external Qi"exist?

A.Yes,it does.It has been demonstrated by my years of experience in conducting healing sessions and experiments of using "External Qi".This can be tested by using modern scientific methods and equipment. In fact,we detected the presence of an electromagnetic field,secondary sound wave and "power message". On 15th Dec 1994,Iwa sinvolved with a series of tests conducted by the "International Qigong Research Center",in the presence of the director, Major General Feng Lida.In one test, Iemitted"External Qi "at ten samples of organisms for 6 minutes. All ten samples showed changes.On average,the haemochrome was raised by 3.1g/l for every sample,the function of luecocyte by  1.5%. If the opportunity arises,I am willing to carry out experiments of emitting "External Qi"on sportsmen ,in conjunction with the National Organizationof Human Sciences,to find out if it boosts their performance. Developing EHF will help sportsmen increase their capability during competitions.
Q.According to available data,there are about 2, 400 types of Qigong made known to the public, whilst there are over 90, 000 Qigong Masters as certified and registered by the Science Research Center and Qigong associations. Under such circumstances, how can we ensure a positive and healthy development of Qigong in this country?

A.After the party's 11th General Meeting,the practice of Qigong was officially allowed. From that time on ,Qigong developed,and the perception of Qigong as an esoteric ancient art being practiced in the temples gradually metamorphosised into modern science. However ,there had been  incidencesof malpractice due to:

(1)  Lack of legislation concerning the practice of Qigong and the absence of a regulatory body.

(2)The lack of standardisation in the evaluation , assessment and certification of different Qigong practice leading to variances in the quality of Qigong Masters.

(3)Qigong Masters who have corrupted the practice of Qigong due to greed and ulterior motives.

         To eliminate these negative elements, the Government will have to pas legislation to regulate the Qigong arena,establish standards and a regulatory body to standardise the certification of Qigong Masters. This will strengthen the image of Qigong and prevent malpractices by Qigong masters. The Government must promote strongly the "effective then credible"philosop towards Qigong i.e.people should only be convinced by effective results and not otherwise, in order to eliminate "poor quality"or"false Qigong". On the other hand,the Qigong practitioners must take the initiative to sacrifice time and resources to educate and guide the people in the scientific aspect of Qigong.This will help to improve and develop the Qigong arena.

Q. Presently,what is your view on Qigong Science?

A. As early as the 60's,there was a Qigong Research Center being set up in Switzerland . In the former Soviet Union, under the rule of Stalin, 30 Gigong research centres were established. There is a Qigong institute in Canada,while in the U. S. A, Qigong is an elective subject for trainee astronauts. In 1995 ,handsome rewards were offered on an international scale in an effort to recruit the cream of the Qigong Masters.The world is awadening to the vast potential of Qigong .Time and tide waits for no one. If we do not value Qigong,and neglect its development, we would be letting history repeat itself. Just as how the westerners leapfrogged ahead of China and improved and adopted the use of China's four greatest inventions ( i .e.gunpowder,compass,printing process, and paper) , the same could happen with Qigong.For the science of Qigong to develop,we must hive it due recognition, treat it objectively and scientifically and not discriminate  against it.

Q. You are the founder of CUQ, how are yor going to develop CUQ?

1. "To undertake to develop the practice of Qigong regardless of race,nationalities or religious beliefs .To preserve justice,equality and to serve the people in order to benefit humankind".These are the objectives of CUQ.To develop CUQ,we must adhere strictly to a high moral code and uphold the truth.

2. To expand the scientific development of Qigong to avoid falsehood.We must take the initiative to conduct experiments and submit to tests and supervisory examinations conducted by
various Qigong agencies in order to convince the people of the effectiveness and benefits of Qigong.

3. We conduct clases to teach CUQ on a massive scale to spread the teachings of CUQ. Currently, I personally conduct all lessons and healiong sessions to ensure that the purity and quality of the CUQ method is preserved.

4.Disciples are selected based on their integrity ,morality,sense of honour and dignity in order to ensure that the heritage of CUQ will be passed on to good hands in the future. There is no monetary consideration for discipleship. nor are there any deification ceremonies or initiation rites.

23rd Oct 1998

-Major Hu Jia Xiang

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