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The Fundamental Principles of China Universe Qigong (CUQ)

  • Three Key Element

    The basic underlying philosophy for CUQis one of morality.We reiterate the emphasis on morality, and the cultivation of virtues like compassion and integrity, as the mystical powers of Qigong in the hands of a compassionate person can be used for the greater good of mankind. However, in the hands of an evil or unbalanced person,it can cause great harm.

    (2)Personal Development/Quality
    Besides improving health, the cultivation of Qigong will also enhance one's personal development. It helps in exercising self discipline, raising the level of consciousness, adopting a positive attitude , increasing judgemental ability and is character building. A person who is at a higher level of consciousness would also tend to be more actively involved in the community in terms of social welfare activities.

    What is "awakening". By practising Qigong diligently, one can promote the development of Exceptional Human Feats (EHF) and mental powers.It is using your subconscious mind to arrive at creative or `inspirational'solutions to perplexing problems. It can also induce psychic or paranormal powers like telepathy,clairvoyance, prediction, mind projection and psychokinesis.

  • The Five Benefits

    (1)Improves health and prevents illnesses
    (2)Healing of illnesses
    (3)Speeds up recuperation from illnesses
    (4)Promoting the development of Exceptional Human Feats(EHF)
    (5)Increase mental powers/improves intelligence and prevents premature ageing.

  • Five Applications

    (1)Tapping into the energy of the universe and storing it in your "dantian"to strengthen one's body
    (2)Emitting External Qi to heal illnesses.
    (3)Using the "visualisation"or the "mentalpower"process to heal illnesses.
    (4)Healing illnesses by tapping into and transferring cosmic energy, what Master Huang refers to as "Heavenly Secret Recipe"(or mystical Prescription).
    (5)Telepathic Healing.(Distant Qi Transmission)

  • Five Purposes
    (1)To enhance personal fitness, to prevent and cure illnesses, to refine your inner being for the achievement of a higher level of awareness.

    (2)Tapping into the potential of EHF.It can bring out latent paranormal powers, like telepathy,clairvoyance and mind projection.Understanding the natural law of the universe so that we are in harmony with our environment.Applying the same concept of balance and harmony in our emnotional lives as well as career undertakings.

    (3)To enjoy good health,delay ageing,increase longevity and being happy throughout one's life.

    (4)To strive for "sudden awakening"as someone who has attained that stage,would have a deep appreciation of the concept of compassion,harmony and truthfulness. When one's actions are governed by sincerity and purity of thought, it will generally be well received and therefore, this would lead him/her to serve the community.

    (5)Through the cultivatiln of Qigong, one can enhance one's virtues and morality, especially through serving the people through good deeds and this would ultimately result in a more harmonious and prosperous society.


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