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     Health  Envoy
                 -Qigong Master Huang Cheng Zhang and his CUQ

Huang Cheng Zhang the fornder of"China Universe Qigong"(CUQ)is renowned as the envoy disseminating the benefits of the practice of Qigong to better health.

When asked how he reached his calling, he said that he never had any ambitions to be a Qigong master .Ever since he was a young boy,he dreamt of being an author.In the mid 50's he attended a special writing class at the special culture and art school run by"Hangzhou Daily".His works were being published by the "Zhejiang Daily"until the mid 60s, when he had to give up his dream for obvious reasons. He and his friends began studying the art and philosophy of"Qi"and ever since then,he has been involved with Qigong. For over 20years, he sought to unearth the truth and knowledge from masters as well as training himself to acquire the skills.In his quest to refine his skill and understanding of the art of Qigong,he travelled widely ,seeking out the hermits,who led spiritual lives in the mountains,which were well known as retreats.

In 1979,he met a high level master in the North who imparted further secret knowledge to him and advised him to return to Hangzhou immediately. The training method of with CHQ was established in accordance with the principles of the "China Four New Medical Science"as advocated by the scientist Qian Xue Sen.

Master Huang's aspirations are reflected by his motto,"Serve the People and Motherland".Knowing that we lead busy, fast pace lifestyles, he has devised the CUQfour part training method that can be easily included in a hectic schedule.The CUQmethod is easy to learn, has beneficial effects and can be practised anywhere regardless of time and space constraint.

Master Huang, his daughter and disciples had successfully undergone a series of tests for their"Qi"strength which were conducted by expects invited by the Zhejiang Science Association and the "Beijing International Qigong Test Center".

CUQhas become more popular among the masses because of its unique features. In his efforts to promulgate the benefits of CUQ more extensively, he has traveled nationwide: to Jinghua, Quzhou, Xian, Beijing ,Guangxi,Anhui and Hangzhou to lecture and conduct training classes.

He has trained tens of thousands of students from different regions and nationalities. Theoretically ,Master Huang would have made a fortune from his skill .On the contrary,he lives a simple life. Is it because he is frugal?,Master Huang has never regarded Qigong as a commodity,nor as a source of ready income. To him ,"serving the people is the prime mission of the Qigong cause".He often admonishes himself and his disciple ,"Qigong masters come from the people, grow among the people and should serve the people".He is a man of his words. Master Huang believes that CUQshould be promulgated among the people as it is of common advantage to the people,therefore,a reasonable fee is charged.For those who cannot afford it , he will heal them and teach the CUQ method for free.

During the early stages, the first and 15th of every month was earmarked for free treatment and consultation and gathering of students.He often went to schools,factories,streets and the countryside to serve the people for free.Up to the present he has offered ,free,healingg
sessions in well over 500 places and has healed tens of thousands of people with obscure and insidious diseases.He has donated tens of thousands of yuan in terms of consultation time and materials.

For example,Liu Zhenchi and his wife Yandg Yuzhi from Yian County of Hei Longjiang province are such beneficiaries.Mr Liu had srffered from scapulohumeral periarthritis,dead bone in buttock,incontinence of the bowels and some other obscure illnesses. His wife was also in ill health. They had sought treatment from various doctors but could find no alleviation from their illnesses.In June 1994, after being treated by Master Huang,and with the continued practice of CUQ, he recovered from these illnesses within less than half a month.In recent years,Master Huang and his disciples have been to more than 20 provinces and cities to spread the practice
of Qigong.

Other cases that were treated in Hangzhou were:
(1)Hu Meiqing who suffered from Meniere's syndrom ,cholecystitis and 250 degree presbyopia. It took only 21days of practising Qigong to cure the illnesses.
2 )Fan Yunxiang (female,aged 52) who had heart diseases ,bronchitis and cholecystitis was cured after 20days.
(3 )Feng Ren (female,aged 37)with tumor of breast fibre and virulent myocarditis was cured arter 14 days.
4) Ge Huiying,after practicing for 11 days was cured of his brain tumor, gastritis, cervical spondylitis and gallstones.
(5)Master Huang managed to cure Kong Jinsu of his heart disease and cataract after one treatment.
(6)Senior engineer Xie Xinan, after being treated by Master Huang for several minutes was cured of his rheumatic gout and facial pain from the trigeminal nerve which had afflicted him for five years.

Master Huang says that a high level Qigong Master can heal by emitting his "External Qi", by tapping and transferring the cosmic energy through thoughts or by using the"heavenly secret recipe". This can only be achieved if the high level master has a high"reserve"of Qi.

Not only must the Qigong master practice Qigong ,he must be able to demonstrate his beneficial powers through his deeds and actions to win the people's trust .It can be said that Master Huang has gained the public's admiration and trust because he has served them effectively and with compassion,integrity, kindness and fairness and thus earned the title"Health Envoy"

Note:   This article was written by Major Hu Jia Xiang and was published in "International Qigong Bulletin"and "Qigong and Science Magazine"


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