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A Brief Introduction to Chinese Universe Qigong

Qigong is the science of cultivating the body's internal energy,called"Qi"in Chinese.There is abroad spectrum of Qigong forms and styles and China Universe Qigong(CUQ)is a series of four part exercises that was established by Master Huang Cheng Zhang.

Master Huang Cheng Zhang is the Foumder and the President of China Universe Qigong, a director of Chinese Famous Doctor Association, a Member of International Qigong Science Research Associated Society,a Member of China Qigong ScienceResearch Association, and a Member of China Sports Qigong Research Association.He aims to pass on the heritage and expand the CUQcause to benefit mankind, regardless of race,nationalities or religion.

He was born in 1935,in Sanjiqiao,Xiaoshu town, Anjie county,in the Zhejiang province,During his early years ,he had dreams of being an author and in the mid 50s attended a special writing class at the culture and art school run by the "Hangzhou Daily".Whilst he was working with the Hangzhou Silk Company in 1956, he was studying and researching the practice and benefits of Qigong exercises. In his quest to refine his understanding of the art of Qigong,he travelled widely ,seeking out the hermits who led spiritual lives in the mountains which were well known as retreats.

In 1979,in the district of Zhao Du, Hebei Province ,he met a high level master who imparted further secret knowledge to him and advised him to return to Hangzhou .After achieving a higer level of spiritual awareness on 14th September, 1983, he travelled throughout the country to visit friends and relatives. In 1990, a universe Qi field was created in Hangzhou. After years of research, he created the four part exercises in accordance with the principles of the "China
Four New MedicalScience"as advocated by the scientist QianXue Sen. ( i. e. the prevention and healing of illness , recuperationand to support the development of Exceptional Human Feats.)

Master Huang, his daughter and disciples had undergone a series of tests for their Qi strength which were conducted by experts invited by the Zhejiang Science Association in 1992. During that time, the practice of Qigong was at a low ebb.On July 26, 1992, to demonstrate the benefits of Qigong, Master Huang began to serve the people by conducting Qigong therapy
sessions for 75 consecutive days in the Weeping Willow Park and Henghe Park. In Decemder, the Shang Cheng District Qigong Association was registered by the national civil administration under the auspices of the Bureau of Physical Training,and Master Huang then degan to conduct Qigong classes.

At the end of 1994, Master Huang successfully underwent the test conducted by the Beijing International QigongTest Center'in the presence of the dilector,Major General Fing Lida. In one test, Master Huang directed his exterior Qi at ten samples of organisms for 6 minutes.All ten samples showed changes .On average,the haemochrome was raised by 3.1g/l for every sample,the function of leucocyte by 1.5%. For Master Huang,after absorbing Qi from the universe for 3 minutes, his inner Laogong acupoint increased to 327Vw/cm2 compared to an initial reading of 190Vw/cm2 .The Jingmen acupoint reading increased from 96Vw/cm2 to 152Vw/cm2.

The birth of China Universe Qigong meets the needs of modern society as:

1)The exercise routine is kept simple.It can be learnt in several minutes as it consists of 4 parts ( steps) .Despite its brevity,the beneficial effects to health is palpable as the CUQ method encapsulates the techniques to cleanse, generate, increase, accumulate , refine, circulate, store, preserveand discharge your energy.With direct assistance from Master Huang,the student can balance his/her energy by opening all the major yin and yang meridians of the Small and Big Microcosmic Orbit.

2)The theory is profound and the scope of application wide. It integrates wholly different metaphysical principles of Buddhism,Daoism,Confucianism,martial arts and medicalscience.Everyone can practice it; from the young to the old. However, it is not advisable for certain patients with terminal illness.The order of the exercises can be reversed and the number of repetitions can be adjusted according to one's constitution.

3)Revolutionary in terms of Qigong conventions. One can practice it without constraints as to the time, space and one's religious beliefs. For instance one can sitting,watching TV,doing housework, studying, driving ,travelling on a ship or plane or at the workplace.

4)The beneficial effects to health and overall well being is tremendous with no risk of Deviational Aberrations. This method requires that you maintain correct body posture and that you breathe naturally ,with or without mind intention as this would bring about a state of inner quiet.

If Qigong is practised diligently, the accumulation of Qi will happen quite rapidly, resulting in the prevention,and healing of and recuperation from illness , strengthening the body, improving the complexion , prolonging life and promoting intelligence and developing the latentenergy of the body,as promulgated in the "China Four New Medical Science".
Master Huang will transmit his Qi daily 6.00 to 6.30am(Beijing time)to help increase,enhance or balance the Qi of those practicing the CUQ. For years, training classes and lectures have been held in Hangzhou,jinghua  , Quahou,Beijing,Xian,Nanning, Guiling, Hefei, Hong Kong amd ,a;ausoa/Tjere are tens of thousands of students of CUQ from different regions and nationalities. For some the practice of Qigong has helped them open their"Celestial Eye "and realise their psychic and paranormal potential, while others with obscure and insidious diseases have been treated. With the
recuperating rate reaching over 90%,this Qigong method has become more popular as evidenced by press coverage from the "jinghua Daily","KeChang Daily", "International Qigong Bulletin","Qigong News", "Qigong and Science ,agazome "and "International Qigong Science Research Papers",At the same time reports have been broadcasted over Zheijiang Satellite TV,jinghua TV,and the Zhejiang Brauch of Central People Broadcast Station.In Malaysia ,press coverage of Master Huang's qigong therapy and classes was reported by the local press, i. e . in Sin Chew Jit Poh,Kwong Hwa Jit Poh, Nanyand Siang Pau and China Press.

Master Huang advocates"effective then credible "philosophy towards Qigong i.e.he believes that he will only win the trust of the patient/student, only if the patient/student feels the beneficial effects of Qigong therapy.Presently the passing on of the heritage of CUQ lise solely in Master Huang's hands as he personally he encourages his student to serve society wholeheartedly with compassion, morality, and integrity and therefore further the cause of Qigong.


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