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Title:The Gold Rush
Producer:Charlie Chaplin
Director:Charlie Chaplin

Actors / Actresses:
The Lone ProspectorCharlie Chaplin
Big JimMack Swain
Black LarsonTom Murray
GeorgiaGeorgia Hale
Hank CurtisHenry Bergman


The Gold Rush is one of Charlie Chaplin's classic comedies. It's about a lone prospector who wants to strike it rich searching for gold in the north. Along the way, he also manages to make friends with a fellow prospector, Big Jim, and he even falls in love with the lovely Georgia. Unfortunately, his journey is frought with danger ranging from massive snowstorms to escaped convicts. Will the lone prospector survive in the north to strike it rich? You can't know until you've seen the movie.


Back in the 1920's, The Gold Rush was a perfect example of popular humor and comedy during that time period. It also reflected America's craze with movies and the entertainment industry. And the whole plot itself reflected the idealistic views that were commonly held during such an age of prosperity.