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Jennifer Blagg - 34

(DOB 1/8/67)

Body found 6/4/02

White female, sandy blonde hair, brown eyes, 5"3", 118 lbs

Abby Blagg - 6

(DOB 3/21/95)

The search continues

white female, blonde


Jennifer and Abby Blagg were reported missing Tuesday, November 13, 2001 from their home at 2253 Pine Terrace Court, Grand Junction, Colorado.

Circumstances surrounding Jennifer and Abby's disappearance have led investigators to believe they may be in danger.

Anyone who has seen Jennifer or Abby Blagg or has information concerning their whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Mesa County Sheriff's office at 970-244-3500 or anonymously call Crime Stoppers at 970-241-STOP


Mike and Jennifer were the leaders of the Intercessory Prayer Team at New Hope Fellowship Church.  This "crisis" is a direct attack of the enemy and we ask for your involvement in this battle.  Please be in prayer for them and their family!!  


Latest news reports


6/04/04 Michael Blagg appeals murder conviction in wife's death

6/02/04   CBS4Denver  Blagg Appeals Murder Conviction In Wife's Death 


4/26/04  Whether or not you believe Michael Blagg is innocent or guilty, the truth is, he needs our  prayers.  God has not given up on him, and neither shall we.  Please join us in prayers for him and for his and Jennifer's families.  If he is innocent, pray for the true murderer to confess.  If he is guilty, pray he will confess and repent.  May God be given glory through all this situation, and all that continues to come from it.


4/21/04 Blagg heads to prison.  Michael Blagg was turned over to the Colorado Department of Corrections on Tuesday to begin serving a life sentence in prison for the murder of his wife.

Jennifer's family reacts

Jurors struck by Blagg's behavior

GJ Senitnel
Story archive

4/17/04 Blagg found guilty on all counts

4/16/04 Blagg’s fate now rests in jury’s hands

4/7/04 CBS4Denver
Witness: Blagg Had Loaded Gun In Night Stand

3/27/04 RMN Investigator: Blagg suicide try looked fake

03-27-04 Blagg faked suicide attempt, investigator says 

3/26/04 RMN Blagg 'showed stress'

03/26/04 Blagg was frustrated, grew angry at suspect status

3/25/04 RMN Doctor: Victim wasn't fearful

03.25.04 Blagg: "I didn't harm family"

3/25/04 RMN Extra!, March 25 -

03.24.04 Blagg described disappearance

3/23/04 RMN Blagg lawyer seeks mistrial

03.23.04 'Single’ Blagg took women to dinner, co-worker says

3/22/04 RMN Blagg prosecution could rest by Friday

3/20/04 RMN Blagg took property, acted odd, eyewitnesses say

03.19.03 Blagg acted strangely on day of murder, co-workers say

3/18/04 RMN FBI rebuts Blagg evidence

03.18.04 Blagg bought entertainment system after disappearances

3/18/04 RMN Friend saw Blaggs' marriage as happy

03.17.04 Jennifer Blagg asked for prayer, friend says

3/17/04 RMN Conflicting assessments of Michael Blagg offered

03.16.04 Agent: Prints are Blagg's

3/13/04 RMN Details brutal in Blagg trial

03.13.04 Jury hears evidence of Blagg’s use of porn

3/12/04 RMN Blagg scene described

03.12.04 Witness says Blagg home didn’t look burglarized

3/11/04 RMN Jurors hear two portraits of Blagg

3/11//04 RMN The evidence for and against Michael Blagg

03.11.04 Judge rips Sentinel for publishing jury info

03.11.04 Trial begins

 03.10.04 Jury selected

03.09.04 Opening statements in Blagg trial expected today

03.08.04 Final Blagg jury selection begins

03.06.04 Jury pool selected

3/06/04 RMN Jury pool cut to 80

03.05.04 Blagg jury pool grows03.0804 Final Blagg jury selection begins

03.04.04 Attorneys: Blagg jury will be impartial

03.03.04 Judge keeps 6 more potential Blagg jurors

03/03.04 RMN: 16 potential Blagg jurors sent home

03/02/04 RMN Dozens who say Blagg is guilty booted from jury pool -

03.02.04 Blagg jury being picked

Poll: Is Blagg guilty or not guilty?
Case timeline | 911 transcript


THE PEOPLE VS. MICHAEL BLAGG...The trial begins Monday March 1, 2004
03/01/04 RMN Jury search begins today in Blagg trial
02/23/04 RMN Sorting possible Blagg jurors
02/23/04 RMN Key figures in the Blagg case

12.10.03Blagg's lawyers seek more time

11.13.03 Two years later, girl’s fate still a mystery

10/21/03  RMN Blagg prayer allowed

10.10.03 Judge reverses decision on Jennifer Blagg note

09.18.03 Daniels: No deadlines for evidence testing in Blagg case

08.31.03 Change of venue iffy in Blagg trial

08.15.03 Wife's note sure sign of crisis, DA argues

08.13.03 Wife's note no motive for Blagg, lawyer says

08/12/03 RMN Part three: In mounds of garbage, a mountain of evidence

08/11/03 RMN Part two: Grim task in a harsh land

08/11/03 RMN About the series

08/09/03 RMN Part one: In a pious home, the ultimate sin

08/09/03 RMNAbout the series

08.05.03 DA wants to use note wife left for Blagg

08.01.03 Blagg trial slated to start March 1

07.23.03 Blagg's attorneys expect trial won't begin until 2004

07.17.03 Blagg attorneys spar over abuse witness

07.16.03 Lawyers seek delay in Blagg murder trial Blagg allegedly had prescriptions to relieve anxiety

07.10.03 Prosecutor, defense spar over titles in Blagg case

07/09/03 RMN DA: Medicine may have spurred Blagg

07.01.03 DA asks judge not to delay Blagg trial

06.12.03 Blagg statement tossed



06.04.03 Jennifer Blagg's writings OK'd for trial

05.14.03 Blagg trial not moving

05.13.03 Grilling of Blagg focus of hearing

05.12.03 Judge to hear Blagg arguments

04.02.03 Blagg attorney wants judge off murder case

03.31.03 Blagg murder prosecution comes at a cost

03.27.03 Investigators won't return to landfill in search of Abby Blagg

3.27.03 Judge leaves Blagg porno evidence in place

03.18.03 DA: Take Blagg's lawyer off case

03.12.03 Blagg says deputy DA may have killed family

03.11.03 Blagg attorneys ask for special prosecutor

03.08.03 Lawyers: Move Blagg trial

03.06.03 Attorneys want porn kept out of Blagg trial

03.04.03 Blagg defense disputes interview

02.11.03 DA objects to sanctions in Blagg murder case

01.28.03 Blagg lawyers seek reduced charges

01.09.03 Blagg pleads not guilty

12.25.02 Blagg bound over for trial; bond reduced to $500,000

12.10.02 Blagg's lawyers attack interview

12.05.02 Prosecutors fight Blagg bond reduction

12.02.02 Defense slams Blagg case

11.20.02 Judge denies gag rule in Blagg murder case

11.10.02 Death penalty unlikely: DA says charges don't include child's murder

11.10.02 For family, investigators and community, Blagg case has raised questions and brought unpleasant answers

11.05.02 Blagg lawyers seek to limit publicity

09.1.02 DA throws book at Blagg

9.10.02 DA won't ask grand jury to pursue child's disappearance

7/25/02 Please continue to pray for Abby to be found.  If you are interested in circulating a flyer, you can print one out from here: FLYER or HERE


08.07.02 Blagg investigators are seeking the woman who saw suspicious vehicle

07.28.02 Residents form search foundation

7/25/02 RMN: Search for girl is halted  Officials conclude landfill hunt for body of Abby Blagg

07.25.02 Cops come up empty as Abby Blagg search ends

07.23.02 Landfill search for Abby Blagg will be dumped Wednesday

07.19.02 Blagg's probable cause hearing Oct. 10

07.17.02 Hope alive in landfill search

7/15/02 9News: Landfill search for Abby Blagg coming to a close

7/14/02 Denver Post: Landfill search for Blagg girl expected to conclude this week

07..14.02 Mother mourned at Oklahoma memorial

7/10/02 Daily Comera: Ardmore residents to hold ceremony for woman killed in Colorado


07.02.02 Still no sign of Abby Blagg

7/01/02 Greenville News: Blagg remembered as 'prayer warrior'

 06.30.02 ‘She was my ... hero’: Friends, relatives gather to remember Jennifer Blagg's life

6/29/02 RMN: Families, community gather for Blagg memorial

6/28/02 RMN: Searchers halfway through trash

06.28.02 Saturday service to memorialize Jennifer Blagg

6/26/02   Jennifer's memorial service will be held this Saturday, June 29th.  In order to accommodate the number of people anticipated coming, the service will be held at Canyon View Vineyard Church in Grand Junction.  Our church is very grateful for the generous offer of their facilities .  Please join us in prayer that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be presented through Art Blankenship  , and received by many there who do not know Him as their personal Savior.   Jennifer's legacy is her great faith in Him, and I can just hear her saying, "Way to go Jesus!" for every blessing He brings about from this horrible time.   We will celebrate some day with her in Heaven, and though we grieve for her passing now, we do have that blessed Hope!


Please continue to pray with us for Mike, his family and for Jennifer's family - and for the many lives they have touched. .  May He bring about good from this horrible time, as only He can.  Though we pray for justice, we also pray for repentance and  salvation whoever has done this horrendous thing, whether it is Mike or someone else.  Jennifer is at Home with our heavenly Father, and just as He loves her, He also desires that  the person who did this to her come to Him for forgiveness and to accept His love.  God help us all to have His heart toward this person, too.  We continue to pray for Abby to be found...

**6-13-02 Join with us in prayer that there will very soon come a full confession leading to repentance for this crime.**

06.27.02 Jennifer's Obituary

06.21.02 Guns, bullet don't match

6/18/02:RMN: Affidavit for Michael Blagg's arrest


6/18/02 The Denver Post: Family man not as he appears, warrants imply

6/18/02 RMN: Blagg sought sex within a week

6/18/02 RMN: Blagg chronology

06.18.02 Bullet found inside skull, report says

06.18.02 Document may show dark side of suspect

6/18/02 RMN: Profiler found several holes in story Blagg told to police

6/18/02 RMN: Affidavit shows secret life

06.17.02  Blagg double life revealed

6/17/02 9News: Investigators say Blagg led double life

6/17/02 The Denver Post:  Darker picture of Blagg emerges

06.17.02 Search resumes for missing Abby Blagg

06.15.02 Service for mother planned

06.15.02 Backhoe operator says job tough but necessary

06.15.02 Arraignment hearing for murder suspect set for Monday

6/15/02 RMN: Friends in S.C. remember Blaggs as loving couple

6/14/92 RMN: Blagg returns to Colorado to face murder charges

06.13.02 Motion filed to unseal Blagg court records

6/12/02 The Denver Post: Sheriff mum about Blagg's return

06.11.02 Blagg surrenders to Ga. extradition

6/11/02 The Denver Post:  Still no sign of Abby

6/10/02 RMN: Blagg agrees to return to Colorado

6/10/02 The Denver Post: Search resumes for missing girl

6/9/02 The Denver Post:  Blagg drops Colo. extradition fight

6/9/02  The Denver Post:  Friend: Wife was leaving Blagg

06.09.02 The Blagg questions

06.08.02 Vital part of search took place in space

06.09.02 DA has to wrestle with decision on capital case

6/8/02 The Denver Post: Blagg rebuffs extradition request

6/8/02/ RMN: Investigators taking search for missing girl personally

6/8/02 RMN: Search for girl to resume Monday

06.08.02 Blagg waives extradition

06.08.02 Arrest flummoxes Blaggs' neighbors in Georgia

6/8/02 The Telegraph: Man arrested in WR, charged with killing wife in Coloradodo

06.08.02 Vital part of search took place in space

06.08.02 'Huge steps' come after long weeks of searching

6/07/02  RMN: Religious Blagg becomes a player in act of murder;

'Follower of Christ' charged in shooting death of wife Jennifer


 6/7/02 RMN:  Blagg fights return to Colorado

 6/7/02 The Denver Channel: Michael Blagg To Be Extradited In Wife's Murder

06.07.02  DA prepares materials for Gov. Owens

06.07.02  Extradition process could take up to three months

 6/06/02 RMN : Blagg case now homicide

6/06/02 RMN:  Landfills help preserve bodies, clues, experts say

 6/06/02: The Denver Channel updates

6/06/02 : Greenville News

06.06.02 Michael Blagg arrested

06.06.02 Suspect's mom says son didn't hurt anyone

06.06.02 Officials fear suspect may attempt suicide


06.05.02 6:00PM   Jennifer Blagg has been identified as the body recovered earlier today.  She is reported to have been killed by a gunshot wound.  We thank God for answering our prayers to find her, and continue to pray He will lead the authorities to Abby, and bring justice to the perpetrator of this horrible deed. 

6/05/02 The Denver Post: Gun killed Blagg

06.05.02 Family, friends hope for closure

06.05.02 Remains may be Blaggs

06.04.02 Severed limb linked to Blagg case


05.17.02 Blagg moves out of town

05.15.02 Landfill searched for signs of Blaggs

05.08.02 Grand jury may get Blagg case

04.27.02 Search for Blaggs will end tonight

04.26.02 Relative of Blaggs is thankful for supportive community

04.25.02 Searcher numbers crawl up

04.24.02 Marine uses leave time to help

04.24.02 Blagg search reaches halfway point

04.23.02 Searchers wanted

4/22/02 RMN Regional briefs: Grand Junction group takes lead in search

4/22/02  RMN More than 200 search Monday for missing mom and daughter

04.22.02 Local volunteers take over search for Blaggs

04.21.02 Blagg search secures 65 miles

4/21/02 RMN Laura Recovery Center pulls out of search for missing mother, daughter

4/20/02 RMN 300 search Friday for Blaggs

4/20/02 RMN More than 800 volunteers join search for missing mom, girl

4/19/02 Denver Post Search organizers know pain of loss --  

Smither and her husband, Bob, co-founded the Laura Recovery Center Foundation for missing children after their own 12-year-old daughter, Laura, vanished while jogging in their Friendswood, Texas, neighborhood.

4/19/02 Denver Post Search for mom, girl enters second day --  Several sites checked in effort to find Blaggs.

04.19.02 Searchers forge on

04.19.02 Locals give generously to search

04.19.02 Recovery Center will leave GJ with resources

4/19/02 RMN Searchers comb Mesa County for missing mom, daughter

Volunteers search Grand Junction area for mom, daughter

4/18/02 RMN Search planners share experience

4/18/02 RMN Grim search starts

4/18/02 RMN Search for missing mother and daughter turns to residential areas

04.18.02 Searchers for Blaggs cover six square miles

4/17/02  We had a town meeting last night with over 1500 people present to begin the search for Jennifer and Abby Blagg. The Laura Recovery Team  are here and will be here until Monday to get everything set up and going. The search began in earnest this morning at 8:00. We will be searching in an area within 45 mile radius of their home. Much of this terrain is very dangerous and will require rappelling and helicopters. We also have a dessert area to be searched. Jennifer's mother  and other family members were here for the meeting and will be helping in the headquarters throughout the search. Please be in prayer that they will be found and that the searchers themselves will not be injured. (The Laura Recovery Foundation are the ones who were involved in the successful search just last month of the little girl in San Diego.)

Laura Recovery Center Foundation: http://www.lrcf.net/LRCFoundation.org

Mesa County Sheriff's Office:

4/17/02 RMN Search for missing mother and daughter begins today

4/17/02 RMN Volunteers search Grand Junction area for mom, daughter

04.17.02 'There's something I can do,' says missing woman's mom

04.17.02 Search starts today

04.17.02 Answering the call

4/16/02  RMN Community search organized for missing mother and daughter

04.14.02  Mother of Jennifer Blagg plans to aid GJ searchers

04.12.02 Dog turns up nothing in search for Blaggs

04.09.02 Blagg search planning begins

04/02/01 RMN Police seek caller in Blagg investigation

04.04.02 Blagg van may be tied to disappearances

04.03.02 - Have you seen this van?

3/26/02  RMN Blagg, daughter likely dead

03.26.02 - Calling all volunteers

03.25.02 - Supernatural sleuths
Man with 'Sixth Sense' says he knows what happened to Blaggs

03.21.02 - Blagg to celebrate daughter's birthday

03.03.02 - Police hope spring will help search
Mother, daughter missing for nearly four mont

02.15.02 Blagg fired from job after thefts

02.14.02 Blagg hires attorney for his defense

2/13/02 (Remember that these are news articles only.  Please continue in prayer with us for the truth to come out and for God to do His work in Mike's life.)

02.13.02 Blagg out of hospital

2/13/02 Rocky Mount News:  Blagg said to regret suicide try

02.12.02 Blagg ‘sad’ for attempt at suicide

02.10.02 Blagg case echoes disappearance of woman in September 1997

2.9.02Blagg has admitted stealing, report says

2/08/02  Rocky Mt. News Police: Blagg left note in suicide try

02.08.02 Blagg suicide note found

 2/07/02 Rocky Mountain News: Man with missing wife, daughter attempts suicide

02.07.02 Blagg attempts suicide at home

Please continue to pray for the Truth to be known!!

2/06/02 Blagg in critical condition after suicide attempt (Rocky Mountain News)

2/06/02  10:00 P.M. Mike attempted suicide today and is the hospital in critical condition. Please pray with us that satan will not be allowed to take his life, but that he will be saved and that God's will WILL be done. Pray that we will love as Christ loved, and that we will not grow faint in our commitment to do what Christ would have us do. Let us not be guilty of judgment, and may Christ find us "guilty" of loving unconditionally. We know that even in this horrible situation that God can and will bring forth good. Please stand with us in prayer believing this and anticipating a praise time for what He has done. Thank you!

2.06.02 Rocky Mt News: Michael Blagg a possible suspect in thefts

02.06.02 Blagg questioned in thefts 

1.19.02 Investigators going to the public with Blagg case

01.10.02 Jewelry in home was stolen, Blagg says

01.09.02 Cops seek info from tipster in Blagg case

01/8/02 Investigators still baffled by disappearances

12.14.01 Hope is eternal for man whose family is missing

12/11/01 Authorities get results of blood tests from Blagg case


New Hope Fellowship Church sponsored a search yesterday along the river front trail for any signs of Abby and Jennifer.  Several groups were at work searching the area from 9- 12 AM.   Although nothing was found, and there is nothing new in the news regarding this case,  the church family and many Christians continue to pray for the safe return of Jennifer and Abby.   We serve a God of restoration and healing and we will not grow faint in our prayers on the behalf of the entire Blagg family.   Please continue in prayer with us! Soon, Mike will have his computer back and hopefully you will be able to mail him your prayers and  encouragement.  Many of you have written and the prayers and words of encouragement will be shared with him as well as with the rest of the family.  Praise God for His promise to never leave us nor forsake us, and that we KNOW that He knows where Jennifer and Abby are and that He is with them!   Praise Him that nothing is impossible for Him !!!!!



11/30/01  Officers let Blagg back into home

11/29/01  Investigators collect clues in Blagg case

11/28/01  Blagg blood analysis inconclusive

11/27/01 Bloodhounds seem to have led officers astray

11/26/01  Bad weather doesn't slow search

11/25/01  Searchers cover ground on horseback

11/24/01  Search resumes: Rescue teams continue to scan river

11/23/01    Investigators take day off in Blagg case

11/20/01  Good Morning America/ABC News







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