If you are offended by reality then please do not continue. This page says things against wrong things in life. The things said in this page may have something to do with real things, these real things that are commonly known as life. So if you are offended by life please get out of this page and go to sleep.

Inside This Page: Articles, Lifestyle, Humour, Local Punk Bands, Links To Punk Bands, Merchandise. Much Much More. Updated Often!!

Last Updated 16'th Febuary 2000

Page Opened In August 1999

Lots of new things this month!!

Whats New Since Last Update (on the 3'rd of Febuary)

  • New Fun has been added in the Page Of Phun! To find it, click on the humour section
  • New, Interesting Article called 'WHY PUNK?' also make sure to read about Punk In Malta
  • New Good Links Added
  • A New Local Bands Section with Articles from the Maltese Zine 'Pissed and Fucked Up'
  • A Mailing List containing a joke Pack A week plus newsletters and loads of other kewl stuph!

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