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Think you've got what it takes to win my award? Then just fill out the form! But please read the rules first. If your page does not comply with any of these rules, please don't apply. Okay, I'll stop talking now.

No XXX material, you know what I mean.

No links to X rated sites

Not too much bad language, can't diss ethnic groups, religions... etc. etc.

Please sign my guestbook (I used to hate when people made me sign the guestbook, but then I understood that there is a reason for that. People want guestbook comments because they want to know what people think of their page, and since some people will not sign the guestbook unless they're forced to, you have to make rules. I am sorry about this for all you people out there who actually take 2 minutes to sign other people's guestbooks :)


(yeah, I know, it's SUPER corny) This is a pretty easy award to win, and I give out to how many ever people I think deserve it.

Here's the form!

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