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Take this quiz to see how well you know your stuff. Don't be offended if you don't score well on this quiz, it's just for fun! Oh, and you need JavaScript to play!

1. What/who is "Eminem"?

Obect-oriented operating system
M&M wannabe candy brand
Rap artist
Nail Polish Shade

2. What is "Mudd"?

Cleaning Detergent
Teeny Bopper Band
Celine Dion's New Song
Line of jeans

3. Wet Seal is. . .

Clothing company
Sticker corperation
Animal rights activist group
Swimsuit line

4. What group is Nick Lachey part of?

Backstreet Boys

5. What is iMac?

A breed of dog.
Quarter pounder with pickles
A type of computer
An learn English in 24 hours CD-Rom

6. What is Pokemon?

A perfume.
An environmentally friendly car
A video game, and many other products featuring Pikachu.
I don't know.

7. Dr. Evil is part of what movie?

You've got mail
What Taco Bell has never told you
The spy who shagged me

8. ASAP stands for:

As soon as possible
Ask Steve
My Inner Ear
Made In Europe

9. What does HTML stand for?

Hyper Text Markup Language
Honored to meet Lou
Hardware Text Markup Language
Hyper Text Markup Lingo

10. Byte Girl is:

Nothing special