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*pasta, pasta, pasta* *ghost stories* *parties* *Dr. Pepper* *blue and purple* *Taco Bell* *supernatural stuff* *I Love Lucy* *oldies* *musical instruments (i.e.: viola)* *Y necklaces* *Brazilian soccer* *BRONCOS!!!!!* *Georgia Bulldogs* *lizards* *gymnastics* *chocolate* *internet* *nail polish* *poetry* *jumbo pretzels* *butterfingers* *funny people* *those mini audio tapes* *miniature figures* *mini erasers* *the slight smell of moth balls (wierd huh)* *bright colors* *the smell of the earth after it has rained* *Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul* *"Cool Runnings"* *stars* *the moon* *zealness* *seafood* *Italian food* *the mountains* *St. Simons Island* *watching rain* *books about WWII* D* *baby carrots* *Rugrats* *funny people*

**don't like**

*heights* *bugs* *arrogant people* *stuff that has to do with 2000* *racism and prejudice* *speaking in front of a lotta people* *mean people* *pants that are way too baggy and look like they're gonna fall off* *veal* *Green Bay Packers* *WWF raw or whatever that is* *really loud thunder* *hard rap* *snakes* *worms* *beavis and butthead* *runny eggs* *going really slow in a car* *pop up windows on the net*