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Here is the most current poem I wrote, about football. I am still trying to find my "Private" disk that all my poems are stored on!! Anyway, here it is.

You say you like football?

Oh, um, well I do too!

In fact, I just saw Mark Mc Gwire play!

And all the time I was thinkin' of you

So, ya like the Broncos?

I just saw 'em on TV

And lemme tell ya, that Wayne Gretzcky

He really impressed me!

You say that you watch Air Force?

Mm hhm, they're really phat!

In fact, that home run . . .

Well it was all that!

I mean, football!

Dude, it's the game!

Not like baseball, or ice hockey

None are the same!

I tried to tell you

About the game I saw the other day

You just looked at me like I was crazy

Rolled your eyes and walked away

Then I went to the library

And checked out some spiffy books

And then I realized that football, didn't involve bats or pucks

As I stopped to take a closer look.

I just stood there, frozen

Wishing I could un-say all the things I said

Recalling the sounds of stupidity

That I got stuck in your head

Now I know the real dope

About football and goals and such

And let me tell you!

I wasn't missin' much

But as long as I'm around you

I talk about football on end

Hopin' you'll notice me

So we can be more than friends

I have set a personal goal

The next time I'm in the stands

I'll be cheerin' louder than anyone!

And you'll be holdin my hand!

But I've gotta run now

I heard there's gonna be a game tonight

And I'll be looking for a certain somebody

hopin' you'll be in sight!