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PCL RECORDS is an independent record label dedicated to it's
goal of having the record industry, once and for all, "FACE THE MUSIC". Too many people in the music industry give credit where credit isn't do. If you are at all involved in today's music scene, then you are aware of the whole "TLC" saga. That is what can happen to good people when GREEDY people are running the show. Managers tend to think they deserve 15% of a performer's royalties for the rest of the performer's career, long after the performer and them have parted ways. That's exactly what happened to "TLC". Things like this have caused many performers to pay more attention to the business side of their careers. Thats all good, until the involvement in the business takes the performer away from what got him successful in the first place............ THE MUSIC!

As for this record label: no more "deal memo's", no more
"options", no more "Album Requirements". Our concept is
simple. If we find an artist that we dig the sound of, we'll help
them get their music to the people. Where as a major record
label takes the people to the artist, we take the artist to the

Whenever you talk about the "AMERICAN DREAM", you talk about how you find something you love. You twist it, and turn it, figuring out different ways of making money at it. In the end, you cant find a trace of what you started out loving. Music is our life, and we're not about to let some "AMERICAN DREAM" stand in the way of our finding success and enjoying it.