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of an Online Romance

This is the story of Lee & Maggy. They met online around April 1998. They became very good friends and used to talk every day, for several hours at a time. After many months of talking, their feelings for each other grew stronger and stronger. At first, they didn't want to accept the fact that they could be falling in love because of certain circumstances, such as age, race, social and cultural differences between them. He had been through some painful relationships and was scared of getting involved again. She was still living with someone else, with whom she wasn't happy with any more. But eventually, they couldn't deny the truth; they were madly in love with each other and just needed to be together.

Lee was the first one to realize how much he loved and needed her, and at last, despite any consequences it could bring, she decided to give it a try. He won her love with tenderness, sweetness and understanding, like she had never experienced before. It wasn't easy, there was a lot of misunderstandings, confusions, even worse problems arose. But, with perseverance, good communication, and the willingness to make it work, they struggled together to save that "online romance".

In November 1998, he made Maggy a promise, that he would keep no matter what. He promised Maggy that he would be there for her birthday. That would be exactly in two months. During this time, they kept talking every single day; about everything and anything. Getting to know each other in their hearts and minds more and more. Meanwhile, her 13 year old son, Alexis, became very good friends with Lee, which strengthened the relationship, and made Lee and Maggy very happy.

It was January and Maggy's birthday would be in just four days. Lee stepped on a military flight to travel the Seven Seas from Hawaii to Puerto Rico. Just to be with his Crazy Miss Maggy. This is the beginning of our Chronicles of an Online Romance.

Delays and Driving Yayi Crazy
First Close Encounter
Getting Along
Photo Gallery
Plans for Future

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