The Warm Color Palette

Choosing Foundation

The warm skintones look best in colors with yellow bases. When choosing foundation, pick colors that sound warm like: warmest beige, honey beige, almond, copper, etc. Many cosmetic companies now tell you on the packaging which skin tone the color is best for.

Always test a foundation on a make up free face. Dot and blend foundation on the jawline. With the right shade, the foundation will disappear.

Choosing Eye, Lip, Cheek and Nail Color

When choosing colors for eyes, lips or cheeks look for shades in the following color families: Neutrals/Browns and Tawnies/Corals/Reds. Examples of Neutrals/Browns would be: taupe, cocoa, gold, bronze, cinnamon, grey, etc. Examples of Tawnies/Corals/Reds would be: Peach, Rose, Apricot, Terracotta, Flame Red, Coral, etc.

Just like foundation, cosmetics companies generally code their products by skin tone. When starting out with shades go with a moderate color. Try a coral instead of a red until you know which shades look best on you.

Choosing Hair Color

Hair colors are easy to choose once you know your skin tone. Warms should look for colors with the words; warm, honey, auburn, or golden. This also applies to highlights. It is always best to color no more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural haircolor.

Choosing Clothing Color

Choosing clothing requires a little more effort. You must pick the colors with the same undertones as your skin. Any skin tone can wear any color as long as the shade is right. For example, a warm should choose a grass green sweater instead of a hunter green sweater. A warm should choose a fire engine red blouse instead of a burgundy red blouse.


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